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Friday, March 6, 2009

Snow Pictures

We got SNOW!!!! It started Sunday evening. Septtro and I left the house to get a newspaper and when we left, it was raining with some snow mixed in. Once we got about two miles down the road, it was all snow! Somehow, the more South you went around Greenville, the more snow there was - crazy! I'd say we got at least 5 inches.

This is our front yard when it first started snowing.

This was when it had already covered the was beaaauuuutiful! :)

I guess Suka didn't like the flash in her eyes. Haha.

She started shivering so we put on her Woodruff hoodie. :)

This was Monday morning - Suka was all warm on her bed - little did she know the winter wonderland that awaited her outside!

Family picture! :) Suka didn't wanna sit on the cold snow.

This is in our backyard.

The view from the back of our property.

This is our lil road.

We went for a walk and Suka played with her friend Zip. They both loved the snow!

Not a water dog but very much a snow dog.

She loved it when I would throw a stick into the snow. She'd go pounce on it and most of the time she came back with snow all over her face.

Of course, we built a snowman. It wasn't the greatest snow for snowman building (it wouldn't roll - you just had to pack it). I gave up almost halfway through. I was tired, I needed food, and I was ready to go back home.

Yay for snow!! :)


Rita said...

Something seems "not right" about looking at your snow pictures at the END of this week, with the birds singing outside the window and anticipating 70 degree weather today. What is with this winter!??!

The Halbert Home said...

That is a very cool snowman.

miller10408 said...

I LOVE that pic of Suka "flying" in the snow! She's so adorable!!!

Jan said...

The green hair was a great touch to the snowman! Loved the pic of Suka running in the snow.

Christie Kauffman said...

Suka looks so happy in her snow flying pic. Haha. Too bad everything closed and we got ZERO snow here. :)

Lorren said...

I love the snowman! Very cute.

Naisang said...

Love the picture of your dog(11th pic. down) and what a cool snowman!