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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Preteen stands up for rights of unborn

Abortion is an issue that's very important to me. I can't seem to fathom it. Especially now, after losing one child and now having another precious life inside me (which by the way, now has 4 distinct chambers of the heart -which has beating for about 2 weeks now, there are eyelids, elbows, a nose, lungs, liver, nerve cells....I could go on and on) - I've become even more heartbroken knowing others purposefully kill an unborn child. Granted, I don't do as much as I should to stand up for these unborn souls. Here's my feeble attempt to educate - with the words of a young girl.

"Do we only call them humans if they're wanted?"

Take a look.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So I figured I would give a few updates on how I'm feeling and what's been goin on. I'll try to use this same format throughout so some might not apply for a while. Here goes:

Week and day: 8 weeks 0 days (to be confirmed at next appointment)

Belly Button in or out: definitely in

Wedding rings on or off: on

Food cravings: sour cream and onion chips (5 oz. bag gone in 2 days), sour cream and cheddar chips (most things salty), fruit, old ones - hot sauce, blue cheese

Food aversions: cookie dough along with most other sweets, mac and cheese (very upset about this one), and I have a hard time taking my Reliv sometimes- which I will not avoid because it's such a huge part of why I'm where I am

Nausea: every so often and at varied times - the chips help me feel better and taking a brisk walk around the warehouse at work :) It seems when I eat very heartily let's say, it helps me not feel as sick. When I feel hungry, that's when I start to feel bad.

Energy level: fairly good, ready for bed around 8:30 or 9:00 every night

Weight gain: I feel like I'm huge because I feel like I eat all the time and eat much more than I used to

Mood: all over the place - happy then annoyed then sad then happy again...

Maternity clothes: not yet but my baggy jeans aren't so baggy anymore

Size of baby: kidney bean

Changes of baby: a lot is going on, heart is beating now and has 4 distinct chambers, fingers and toes forming, eyelids practically cover eyes, nerve cells in brain connecting

Next appointment: March 25th - the 1st ultrasound!!

Other: my heart seems to be beating faster sometimes, almost like when you get nervous and you can feel your heart beating more noticeably and I feel like I burp a lot now

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Birthday Pictures

So my birthday was almost 2 weeks ago (Feb 7th) but here are some pictures - they were held captive on my mom's computer and I'm finally over here to retrieve them. :)

The family at Cracker Barrel - mmmm, mmmmm!!!

This random kid came over and started showing all of us his Pokemon cards. He's gonna be a darn good salesman.

Sunday, Septtro and I went with my mom and the two dogs to the mountains - Twin Falls. It was such a GORGEOUS day - 70 degree weather!

mom and me

Septtro was tryin to get Suka to go for a swim but she wasn't too thrilled about the whole thing. He threw her in anyway - poor lil lamb. :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Um, I think I might be pregnant?!!

Those are the words that woke up my sweet husband on January 27th. That's right - remember that pregnancy test I took several weeks ago that was negative? Well, as it turns out, it was a false negative. I spose I took it too early (I really had no idea when I was actually "late"). So, yes, and wow and holy smoly I can't believe it - is this real?!! I kept thinking I was reading it wrong or I misunderstood. I only had one test - last time I took two. Blast the Dollar Tree for not selling digital pregnancy tests!! :)

That morning was one I will never forget. Septtro and I were able to have a moment together - sitting on the edge of the tub, smiling, crying, and praying. We immediately lifted up this new blessing to the Lord. Oh how I'd longed for the day when I could see two pink lines again, not one - two, wonderfully straight, pink visible lines. And it's finally here!
Sometimes it still doesn't seem real. The few people I told that day - I couldn't even bring myself to say the words "I'm pregnant". My words were, "I took another test and it was positive". Seriously, what if I somehow read it wrong - how stupid would I feel. I thought maybe because I wanted it so badly, I made myself believe it. Thus, the reason for me waking up Septtro the way I did.

So I went to the doctor Tuesday (Feb 10th) for my first appointment. Just being there made me nervous even though I knew they weren't going to do an ultrasound. It was just a consult and bloodwork. They were very nice - explaining everything to me and even went over insurance coverage; took some bloodwork and I was done. The nurse said I was 7 weeks and 5 days. I very graciously informed her that I was not. :) If that was the case, that first test I took would have shown up as positive. I obviously don't have a "typical" 28 day cycle. According to my calculations from keeping my basal temperature - along with the help of an online site - I was exactly 6 weeks at my appointment this past Tuesday. They said they don't do the first ultrasound until you're 10-12 weeks so I asked to wait later because I felt I was earlier than they thought. And so, I go back March 25th - the big day!

At first I thought I'd keep the pregnancy a secret for a long time - maybe until my next appointment. But that's a long time! And as far as I'm concerned, there's no safe week to spread the good news. I am so incredibly overjoyed and extremely humbled to be carrying this tiny life inside of me! God is so good.

If you think of me, please pray for my thought life. I get nervous and worried...some days more than others. It's a continual process...every minute of every day - to take my thoughts captive and make them obedient to Christ. And it takes strength and grace I don't have - I need His. And please pray for all those women who wish to be where I am...where I was not so long ago. For those who have lost babies and for those who haven't yet seen those 2 pink lines. His timing is perfect but it sure is hard to wait.

Praise the Lord for the gift of life! Oh how sweet it is!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I came across this picture again of my favorites. It was obviously a few years ago - Tillman is just a lil fella. But I love this picture for several reasons. One being both dogs are looking at the camera - and that's pretty hard especially when one of them is a puppy. Plus they're sitting on a bench - and they both stayed there long enough to snap the picture (mom took it). And of course, I absolutely love Suka's face. Most of the time, when you use a questioning tone, this is what she does. She tries so hard to understand what you're sayin - gotta love her! :)