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Friday, May 29, 2009

Lost Doggie

We have a new friend. He will not be staying. But he is sweet and lovable. I named him Ralphie. I know you think that means I'll be keeping him. You're wrong. This afternoon, he will be taken to the vet. They will check for a microchip. We will look for a home for him. If no home comes, he will have to go to the pound. That makes me sad. That would be a waste of a really fun dog. Here he is:

I must say, he's quite persistent. He came to our house Tuesday night in the rain. He pawed at our front door. We shooed him away. He pawed at our back door. We shooed him away. He pawed at our kitchen window. We let Suka out to chase him away. He came back. He chose us for some reason. But we really can't keep him. I think he's a miniature pincher. He can't weigh more than 10 pounds - if that.

I will miss Ralphie.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

21 week pic and some updates

Here's a pic - this was taken at 21 weeks and 2 days.

I'm currently 22 weeks exactly!

So the really fun news is that Septtro was finally able to feel Ladybug move for the first time! Last Thursday (May 21st), we were at my parents house and I had my hands over my tummy and thought I felt her move but wasn't sure. Septtro tried to feel but she wouldn't move again. Then, the next day at work, I was at a meeting and put my hands the same way and it was unmistakable - she was movin like crazy and it was so fun! So that night, I had Septtro try and he felt her but wasn't sure. I asked if he felt her and he said, "I don't know" and I kinda barely tapped his arm and said, "It kinda feels like this" and he said, "Yeah I felt that". I reassured him that was, indeed, her. :) But he really felt her Sunday at church before the service. His eyes just lit up and he said, "That is so cool!" I loved the fact that he was able to connect with her in that way! Since then, he's been able to feel her several other times.

Last Monday, I woke up with the weirdest feeling. It's hard to explain. I mean, I know there's a little human inside my belly. But it was like this heavy mass of something really low in my abdomen. A few days later, I didn't feel it but I felt it again Saturday. I wonder if maybe after Ladybug has been active, she burrows down to sleep for a good day or so. :)

In other, less exciting news, I'm having leg cramps during the night. I've actually had them throughout the pregnancy. They haven't been bad - it's not every night. But apparently, it's something that can happen during pregnancy.

I'm not sleeping through the night but that's ok with me. I had a scare that I might have UTI so since then, have been setting my alarm to make myself get up to use the potty. I've always had a bladder of steel but I know it's not so good to hold it all night - especially when baby girl is basically sitting right on my bladder. Speaking of, during the day yesterday I think I had to use the restroom at least 5 times in an hour. I'd be lying down and feel her move and then have to scurry off to the ladies room. :)

Oh, and the wedding rings came off on Sunday. It was already a little difficult to get them off so I went ahead and took them off before they fused with my fingers.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

To cloth or not to cloth - THAT is certainly the question

So...yes, I am one of those people. Call me crazy, a tree-hugger, out of my mind - I've already heard it and barely told many people. My husband and I want to use cloth diapers for our baby.

Let me tell you pretty much the ONLY reason why I even considered cloth diapering is because of the cost savings. Let's face it - I'm pretty tight with my money. I get natural highs when I save money at the grocery store and refuse to buy something without a coupon if I know I have one. Whenever we eat out, I even try to use a coupon (we don't really eat out much).

After doing research on the Internet and talking to a few people who have used cloth diapers recently, I realized there are SO many different ways to go. You can buy the luxurious cloth diapers, the one-size-fits-all (but does it really?), the old-fashioned diapers; you can have a service come collect them and wash them for you or do it yourself. And then there's all the different ways to wash them. What I have realized is that cloth diapering is not like it was when my mom had babies. It's definitely evolved and I haven't talked to someone who does it who doesn't love it. So it can't be that bad right?

So here's the thing...I've decided to do just like my friend, Sara...if we get enough disposables at showers and such, we'll go that route. After all, if I'm only doing it for cost reasons and if I get a bunch from others, I'm saving money. Call me a chicken if you like. All I know is, I know several ladies who just had babies and I feel like the last thing I'm going to want to do when I bring my baby home is figure out a schedule/method for cloth diapering. However, I am a little bothered by the fact that disposables give a lot of babies really bad rashes and would feel bad for puttin my lil ladybug through that discomfort.

I'm not completely throwing cloth diapering out the window. If we feel we're spending too much money, we'll take another look. But for right now, well, send those disposables my way and we'll take it from there! ;)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

20 weeks!

Week and day: 20 weeks 3 days

Belly Button in or out: I pretty much am buttonless now

Wedding rings on or off: on but it takes some wigglin to get them off

Food cravings: chocolate milkshakes or chocolate ice cream in general

Food aversions: nothing much

Nausea: haven't gotten sick in a month!

Energy level: I am so anxious to get the nursery started - already took a HUGE load of stuff to Miracle Hill to clear out some space

Weight gain: total I think is 17 pounds...most of it at the beginning

Mood: I can cry over almost anything

Maternity clothes: gradually acquiring more as hand-me-downs or at Goodwill or Miracle Hill (and I must say, the selection at Miracle Hill was fabulous)

Size of baby: banana

Changes of baby: practicing breathing and swallowing more and more, skin forming different layers, head becoming more proportional to rest of body, sleep patterns similar to newborn

Next appointment: June 9th - measurements and hear heartbeat

Other: shortness of breath, nasal stuffiness increasing - the BEST part right now is feeling her move...I LOVE it - there's nothing like it! I'm noticing her moving around the same time every day - early morning, mid-afternoon, and evening

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We're havin a.....

Ladies and gentleman (do any guys read this anyway?):

I am proud to introduce you to our.....(scroll down - that's for you Lor)

little girl!!!!!
I'm not posting the picture that proves her girlishness - let's give her a lil privacy right? :)

She weighs 11 ounces - right in the middle of what she should be. Everything looks great! She was very cooperative (or very immodest) because she gave us the perfect shot as soon as the ultrasound tech tried. :) The tech asked if I had caffeine before I came in because she was so active - I didn't so she's just a very active little baby. She said her head is just above my belly button and her feet are basically dancing all over my bladder - already - thanks baby girl!

Yes we have a name we like but we're not telling a lot of people. I don't want somebody to say something that will ruin it. I will say her middle name will be Falefou in honor of my late mother-in-law. We plan to give all of our kids Samoan middle names - or at least Polynesian names.

I'm excited to see Septtro with her - he's gonna be such a sweet daddy to her.

See, my motherly instincts are right on track - mommy points for me!!! :) Ahhh, I'm in love already - my little ladybug!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,
Tomorrow is a big day for all of us! We'll get another peak into your secret world. I can't wait to see you again! I wonder how much you've changed.

I keep thinking you're a little girl. I wonder if I'm right. I'm not quite sure where that is coming from. I will truly be happy either way. Ever since I was little, I wanted to have a boy first. That's probably because of your Uncle Mark. I liked having an older brother. But I've been around little girls enough now to be comfortable with a girl too. See, your mom isn't quite the girliest person around. I may not be able to do your hair or dress you in the latest fashion, but I'll love you like no other! It will be nice to know if you're a boy or girl so we can start picking out names. Your dad and I pretty much have a name picked out if you're a girl. If you're a boy, well, we'll have to do some more thinkin.

I love feeling you move around inside me. It's one of the most incredible things I've ever experienced! I'm pretty sure I smile every time I feel you. Sometimes I get nervous when you haven't moved in a while. But then I remember that you're sleeping just as much as a newborn. You seem to like it when I eat - that's when you're most active. You like food, don't you?...just like your mom and dad. :) On Sunday, I ate some macaroni and cheese. That's my favorite food. After I did, you moved the strongest I've ever felt! It made me jump because it startled me! You like mac and cheese? A child after my own heart. :)

I'm a little nervous about tomorrow my sweet baby. I want everything to be ok. I want you to be growing right on track and there to be no problems. I hope that's true. Trusting God is such a minute-by-minute, day-by-day decision. You'll learn that soon enough. I love you baby! See you soon!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hike in the Mountains

Septtro really wanted to go to the mountains Saturday. I....well, I did not. I feel like I have so much to do at the house and I was gone last weekend. But, I conceded. We went with my mom and my sister-in-law's mom, Cathy - and of course, we brought the dogs. Septtro wanted to find a place where not many people knew about..."The Narrows" of some sort. He looked on the map before we left and said he knew where he was going. Unfortunately, the map wasn't as easy to follow once we got on the little back roads and we found since this was a place that not many people knew about, nobody could tell us where to go. We got lost - asking two country bumpkins drinkin themselves into oblivian while gutting their catch of the day for directions. They weren't much help. Cathy ended up spotting the sign tucked behind some brush and we followed it.

This was when the trail got a bit rough. I wasn't really expecting an hour and a half hike one way.

Cathy and mom

And here it is in all its glory - a river...with rocks. I hiked all this way, knee pain increasing, blisters forming, and feeling like I'm breathing through a straw - for this?? Ok, ok, so the actual "Narrows" were further down from this with a waterfall. But the path was even more narrow and I was tired of walking. Looking back, I should have at least gone to see it. Maybe then I wouldn't have felt so cheated.

mom and me - yeah we pretty much are twinkies

Septtro actually got in the frigid water - and said it felt good

The sun shined down on just him in the water - handsome fella isn't he?

I'm really not normally this dumb. Water shoes are good for wading in the water - NOT hiking over 2 miles. I'll blame it on the pregnancy. :)

Seriously, she has to be one of the prettiest dogs ever.

Baby and me chillin. And yes, that's a skirt. Alert the media! (it was hot and I'd just gotten it as a hand-me-down)

Haha Suka was bein a pansy - although I guess after being thrown in the water (by Septtro) in the past, I might have been a little afraid too.

She won't get on a rock near water but climbed up here all by herself

All in all, the day wasn't really very fun - at least for me. But it was an adventure. And hey, at least we didn't get rained on right? Septtro ended up carrying me the last bit cause my body was just plain tired and we were taking a break every 5 minutes. Mom wasn't able to get a picture of this cause by the time she saw us, he was ready to unload (mom and Cathy left before we did cause they thought they'd slow us down but I think the underestimated how long it'd take me to get back - plus, apparently Tillman turned into a sled dog and pulled Cathy up the hills and stairs).

Oh and another plus, that night, I did got a foot massage for my efforts.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Boy or Girl???

So I've thought this baby is a girl for quite some time. Then, today - just for fun - I got online and did a quiz and it said boy. Then I followed criteria for an ancient Chinese predictor and it said boy. I know all these things can be totally wrong but now I'm starting to second-guess my "intuition". :)

Will the 13 EVER get here????

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wedding Weekend

So these are a lil late...we went to Ohio for my brother-in-law's wedding the last weekend in April (same weekend my lil nephew was born).

The groom's crew with the new addition - Kari (in white hat)! :)

The three brothers - Setnick, Stephen (groom), and the best lookin one - Septtro ;)

Stephen looking at his bride

Ok I might be a lil bias, but I think Setnick has the best voice of anybody I know.

They gave each other a high five after they kissed - it was cute! :)

In memory of Falefou Sene - wish I could have met her...sounds like an incredible woman!

Septtro pointing to my baby belly that you can't really see in this picture

The new Sene family! Yay I'm not the only white girl anymore!!...but still the shortest by far!

Seriously, what kind of photographer puts a bridesmaid that already looks young on her knees?

Yeah, we're cool

Bride and groom's first dance (Stephen is about 6'6 so, yeah, their kids will be tall) :)

and brother's first dance

quite convenient that my husband has size 15-16 feet at times like this :)

Yay!!! What a fun wedding!

Friday, May 1, 2009

18 Weeks!

Week and day: 18 weeks 3 days

Belly Button in or out: almost flush with my belly now :)

Wedding rings on or off: on but with this hot weather, I'm not sure how much longer that will last!

Food cravings: chocolate milkshakes

Food aversions: not much anymore

Nausea: some mornings I still have to eat often when I get up early for work but those moments are few and far between

Energy level: I am getting more done around the house - don't think nesting has set in yet but I'm sure it won't be long!

Weight gain: total I think is 13 pounds...most of it at the beginning

Mood: weepy willow

Maternity clothes: definitely need to go shopping for some other clothes - mostly shirts...still look funny in maternity shirts cause they're too big

Size of baby: small can of soup

Changes of baby: bones hardening, baby can kick in reaction, baby's ears completely formed and can hear me talkin! Septtro has already been talkin to my belly for a couple of weeks now. :)

Next appointment: May 13th - the BIG one - when we find out if this baby is a he or a she

Other: I definitely feel the baby move now and know that was, indeed, the baby moving several weeks ago. I feel it more and more and I LOVE it! I've noticed my belly is starting to get in the way of things...such as shaving my legs and bending over to pick something up.