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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Update

I can't believe it's already been two weeks since my last update. Maybe these next two weeks will go by fast too!

Here's the stats...

Week and day: 10 weeks 1 day (to be confirmed at next appointment)

Belly Button in or out: definitely in but I've always had a very deep belly button and it doesn't feel as deep anymore

Wedding rings on or off: on

Food cravings: plain chips, fruit

Food aversions: blue cheese, hot sauce (funny how these used to be cravings), honey mustard, any type of flavored chips

Nausea: every so often and at varied times still - I actually got sick Monday morning but then worried it was something I ate :)

Energy level: I'm definitely tired a lot but overall not too bad...some days are better than others, although this time change isn't helping much

Weight gain: I don't really know how much weight I've gained but I only have 3 pairs of pants that of which I have to use the hair tie trick with

Mood: I get annoyed easily but not sure this is much of a change :) And I can pretty much cry at the drop of a hat

Maternity clothes: I wore my maternity pants to church the other morning because we were already running late and the pants I wanted to wear wouldn't fit anymore...other than that, still in normal clothes but I know it won't be much longer till I need those maternity clothes!

Size of baby: small plum

Changes of baby: heart is completely developed, all major organs in place and starting to function, baby is swallowing, limbs can bend, nails forming on fingers and toes

Next appointment: March 25th - the 1st ultrasound!! 2 weeks exactly from today!

Other: still burping and feel my heart beating faster...I get out of breath quite easily - even when I'm talking for a long period of time or when I'm singing at church

1 comment:

josh said...

Sep its been a while since i checked the blog. Sorry but wanted to let you know the FRO is GREAT and Susan the belly is really cute. Tickled for you guys!!! Blessings, Josh