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Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Peanut

I figured today would be a difficult day. So far, so good though. Not only is it Monday, but this was my due date for my lil Peanut. But I know God's grace will get me through...always has and always will.

Dear Peanut,
I haven't written you in so long. I'm sorry. It's not because I don't miss you - I do. Today was supposed to be your birthday. We were going to finally meet face to face. Only now, we will meet face to face in the presence of our Lord. Last time I wrote, I asked if you were in heaven. I wasn't really sure. So many people have told me they believe you are. I guess I've made up my mind. I do believe you are in heaven. You were a living matter how small.

I have some exciting news! Your dad and I are expecting another baby this Fall. We are so excited and hope to be able to meet your brother or sister. Don't worry, I will be sure to tell them they have an older sibling. :) I don't have their first picture yet. We didn't get to see them as soon as we got to see you. But as soon as we get it, I will place it right beside your picture on our fridge....side by babies.

I hope you don't worry about how your dad and I are doing. God's grace is abundant and His peace is continuous. He has taught me a lot in these past few months that I am grateful for - a lot about myself that will help me be a better wife to your dad and a better mother to your younger siblings.

You'll forever be with me my lil Peanut. I love you and miss you. Happy Birthday.


Sara said...

susan, this is so beautiful. thank you for consistently sharing your heart so transparently. i love that you will have their pictures side by side :) such happiness! this letter shows how much God has truly given you His grace and strength!

Joy said...

Absolutely beautiful!

April Emery said...

so sweet. very touching