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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First Belly Pics

I didn't wanna post but I'm gonna. :) I'm thinking I'm way bigger than I should be at this point. But I do know after a first pregnancy, you can pop out a lot quicker. And technically, I don't really know how far along I am - exactly. These were taken - at my calculations - at 9 weeks and 4 days.

Here's the belly just normal:

And here's me poochin it out:

Septtro and I have been referring to my belly as "the babies". Yes, that's right. Both of us would love twins. We know, we know - "You don't realize what you're asking for". Yes we do. We know it'd be hard and tiring and frustrating...and many other things. But we think it'd be pretty fun too. :) The liklihood of us having twins isn't very good but we can still have fun with it.

Oh how I hope and pray that lil baby is still there growing strong!! I keep battling my thoughts. I'm at 10 weeks today - the time when I found out my lil Peanut was gone (although he/she had been gone for about a month and I didn't even know it). Since last time, there was no indication of anything wrong, I get nervous every time I don't feel sick or as hungry or tired. But this is God's child and he or she will be born into this world if that's God's will. Nothing I think or do will stop that. I do take comfort in knowing I am not ultimately in control and look forward to the day when I can hold that lil one in my arms.


Rita said...

Wow! It does seem like you're showing alot for 10 weeks!! Maybe you ARE having twins!! :-D When will you find out? Do you have an ultrasound or doppler or something at your next appointment?

My belly is OUT one day and flat the next. Sometimes it's elusive, like a Food Baby on Thanksgiving! :)

But I think I'm beyond the point of totally flat. It's always a little out!

Susan Sene said...

My appointment is two weeks from tomorrow - ultrasound for sure...not sure about doppler but I'd think we'd have one.

Yeah most of the "showing" is probably more from bloating and eating a lot. :) It does seems to change a little bit from day to day.

Sara said...

eeee!! you look awesome, susan!

Naisang said...

I love your facial expression in the second picture! I will be praying for you. I completely understand how you are feeling. You are exactly right when you said that God is in control and nothing will thwart His plans! It would be pretty cool to have twins!

Joy said...

I have a large-and-in-charge early baby bump, too! It's usually the biggest by the end of the day, after all the water and food.

Maybe you could request a sonogram this week so your doc can date the pregnancy and so you can see the heartbeat to ease your mind! The worry will never go away. Once you have a loss it's hard not to worry about everything, even up to the end. *HUGS* Just enjoy every minute of it!

Lorren said...

Oh, you look adorable and I definitely see a big bump! Yea!! Isn't the whole thing incredible? We have an amazing Creator!

Christie Kauffman said...

Look at your belly!! Haha. That's so cute. :) I'll cross my fingers for twins. ;)

Jan said...

I love you~~~ I thank God for His sovereign care and ministry to your heart. You are my still my "Sonshine."

April Emery said...

cute tummy!