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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby Sene's first pictures - and video

Here's our sweet bundle of joy - only about 3 inches long:

I think it's funny the baby has their hands over their ears...considering it's an ultrasound - which emits sound waves (not that baby could really hear it but it's funny to think about, nonetheless).

Backside of baby

Baby wasn't moving a whole lot - even in the video...I think he/she was tryin to sleep. :)

Look at the size of that brain!

so sweet!! :)

So here's how the appointment went:

We only waited in the waiting room about 10 minutes, then we were sent directly to the ultrasound room. I was a little confused cause I thought I'd have to change but there was nothin for me. She said she was gonna do the ultrasound on top cause I was about 14 weeks but I said I thought I wasn't that far along so the plans changed. She said she was going to start some report and she'd be back. She didn't come back for probably 5 minutes. Those 5 minutes seemed like an eternity! I told Septtro I was nervous and kept asking what was taking so long. He started to ramble on and on about what his plans were for the yard. I remember, at one point, thinking to myself, "This is like a sitcom moment". I was not listening to a thing he was saying as I was so nervous but he was doing all he knew to do to keep my mind off being nervous. :) I still have no idea what he said.

The tech finally returned and asked how I was. I told her I was really nervous and she said she could tell - really, I thought I was hiding it well? (sarcasm sarcasm). She asked if I had any children at home and I started to choke up. She asked if this was my first pregnancy and before she learned of my miscarriage, I was already in a full-blown sob. She came over and hugged me and said we'd take this one step at a time. She said she didn't want me to look at the screen - let her get her bearings and we'd look at it together. I agreed. She pushed the screen in front of me...then Septtro leaned forward. Nobody told him he shouldn't look right away right? :) I just closed my eyes. Within just a few seconds, she pushed the screen back and said, "Well there's baby!". I started crying again - this time for very different reasons....relief, joy, disbelief, hope...

I can't really explain how incredibly humbling it was to watch that precious life on the screen. I'd like to say I would have felt the same way without losing Peanut but I'm not sure I would have. I'm not entitled to anything on this earth that is good. I don't deserve it. But praise God for his infinite grace for allowing me to have this experience!

I'm still trying to convince myself there's really a little human inside me. When will it start to actually feel real? I guess it hits every woman at different stages. What I do know is, the creation of life is simply amazing! Praise God!!

Here is our lil one - tryin to get some sleep I think. :)


Rita said...

whoo hoo!! I'm so glad your appointment went so well. This whole process is so other-worldly, isn't it? How someone could go through this and NOT think that God is in absolute control is beyond me!

Sara said...

beautiful. i would have been sobbing, too! i'm so glad you guys had a compassionate technician - that can make all the difference.

Lorren said...

Now you can really start enjoying the pregnancy. I know it took me a while to let myself relax. How awesome that you're already a day into your second trimester!!

Joy said...

Awwwww that is the sweetest little picture I've seen yet! Sorry you were so scared at the beginning of the appointment but what a wonderful time it ended up being.

I wonder if they'll sleep with their hand like that when they're born?! It's amazing to see them take their little movements from in the womb and do them when they're babies, too!

My gender guess is BOY on this one, if you're taking guesses.