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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Reading the real Christmas Story

Happy Birthday Jesus!! (lovingly referred to as the "cheese-us cake"  :)

Ri got The Sound of Music and was absolutely delighted while watching it

 Septtro got the both girls a head light.  They always want to wear his when we have fire night at our house.  Kaylee wore hers almost all morning.

Snagged this princess tent for $5 - big hit!!

wearing the stockings

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bless a Momma from Newtown, CT

Remember that sweet nest necklace from my last post? 

Well the gal who makes them was contacted by a friend of a mom who lost her little girl in the school shooting a few weeks back in Newtown, Connecticut.  She's decided she wants to give every mom who lost their child that day the opportunity to have a necklace.  

Read more here.  

They will be sent out January 10th so please consider if you are able to give to this cause.  I know it would bless those mommas.  And of course, no guilting yourself if you can't help.  Prayer is very powerful and I'm sure they will need lots of prayer for quite a while.

On a happier note, we had a great Christmas.  I hope you did too!! (hopefully pictures of that to come soon)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hint, Hint

link for nest jewelry 

That's right - two lines...on two tests (just in case!)  :)

A new little Sene is expected at the end of July/beginning of August.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree!....

That's right.  Our Christmas tree is up before Thanksgiving.  Not that long ago, I would have said that's an abomination.  But Thanksgiving weekend has gotten busy enough and I'd rather just relax (plus we're usually out of town).  So the past two years, we've done it the weekend before Thanksgiving.  And I like it.  
The girls "helped" this year - Ri more so than Kaylee.  I'm sure there will be several times when we will have to remind Kaylee that the ornaments are not toys (at least they're not fragile).

Notice that most of the ornaments are on the same branch.  We are gonna leave it that way.  :)

My prayer is that our girls will come to realize what's truly important during this season: Christ and His sacrifice for us - and that it really is better to give than to receive.  

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

She's Got Moves You've Never Seen

We've come to realize Ri is a pretty good dancer.  I suppose it's in her blood  :)

This was October 26th, 2011 - she had just turned two

This was November 4th, 2011 at her Daddy's football game (probably my favorite so far)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Disney on Ice

We are taking Ri to her first big event soon - Disney on Ice!  My mom had mentioned it was coming to town but I wasn't quite sure she was old enough to pay attention the whole time and I didn't wanna spend the money if she wasn't ready.

But then, just yesterday, we found out if you took a few nonperishable items to a food drive, you would get free tickets (2 per family)!

So we got two tickets and my mom gave us one of hers since my dad isn't interested in coming.  :) (Kaylee will be free if we decide to take her)

I'm SO excited!!!  Apparently, they were having trouble selling tickets for this particular night because it's the day before Thanksgiving.  So that's why they did the promotion yesterday.  

The show will have characters from Cars, Toy Story, Tinkerbell, and The Little Mermaid - all of which I think she'll love (especially Toy Story since she's pretty much in love with Buzz Lightyear)

Total, we spent about $6 for all of us to go - can't beat that!  

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Football is OVER!!! And other happenings

Septtro and I...together at 3:45pm on a weekday! :)

So Septtro's team lost last Friday.  It was actually a close game - back and forth. But they lost.  It's over - no more meetings, Spring practices, summer workouts, film sessions (seriously people, football has got to be the one sport that requires the most time from coaches). 

 I am a little sad for Septtro.  I know it's bittersweet for him.  He wants to be home.  But he does love football.  But he'll be coaching some of the boys this Spring for track and field and I'm sure he'll keep in touch.  Plus, who knows - maybe in 5-10 years, he'll make a coaching comeback. 

A few weeks ago, we went down to Columbia for the State Fair.  Septtro and I had been once when we were dating and we split a turkey leg and just walked around (mostly laughing at others trying to win the rigged games).  But this time, we were treated to rides and food (thanks Papa Sene and Grandebbie!).  The girls both had so much fun and seeing Ri's expression while riding rides was priceless!!

We went trick or treating on Halloween.  Ri was Cinderella and KK was pretty much the cutest lil pig you've ever laid eyes on.  They had a great time at a nearby church festival and, of course, we got a TON of candy! 

Last night, we had a camp out in our backyard.  I was nervous - and I'm not a huge fan of tent camping.  But our house was so close.  To my surprise, both girls conked out by 10.  But a bit before midnight, my face was freezing and I was concerned about the girls being out all night.  And I knew I wouldn't sleep much because I'd be so concerned and want to check on them all night.  So we took them inside.  And they went right to bed again.  We'll definitely have to try it again when it's warmer.  They loved it!  

I do love where we live, despite being a bit further from a grocery store than I'd like.  Example: a tractor cutting grass along our road = entertainment for at least a good hour - and for free!

Also, I'm pretty excited I can actually do crafts with Ri now.  Sometimes she doesn't do them quite like I'd hoped, but at least she's interested!  (this one was from Family Fun Magazine)

Happy Saturday ya'll!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Hate Football Season

I'm still waiting on my husband.  It's 8:18pm.  Football practice ends at 6:30.  Also, the school is about 35-40 minutes away.

He has lock up duty again this week which means he has to stay until all of the kids are gone.  And a lot of these parents don't really care when they show up to pick up their kids.  Thanks a lot - so thoughtful of you.

I hate football season.
But next year, I can like it again.  Septtro has said this is his last year coaching.  I can't tell you how incredibly thankful I am to hear this.  Both of my girls have been born during football season (well, Kaylee was born a week before it started - Rilynn was born at the end of September).  We'd like to have more kids.  And I really don't want to be husbandless with a newborn again.  Plus, Ri asks where he is often now.  He's such a great dad.  And a great husband.  He's getting his masters to replace the football income.  

That's a big sacrifice for him.  He's not a fan of school.  And he's the greatest coach I know.  He loves football and those boys.  But he's stopping coaching for me - for his family.  

There's two more weeks of the regular season and possibly some post season playoffs depending on how they do. 

I can see the light.  

But right now, I still hate football season.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


I've tried a new facial cleansing routine - the oil cleansing method.  I like it.

The weather has been much cooler.  If this were Spring - as my mom pointed out - everybody would be in their shorts and t-shirts.  But because everybody is ready for cooler, hot tea and blanket weather, we are donning sweatshirts and jeans. 

And boots.

I went to a sidewalk sale at a local grocery store.  They do it every other Saturday in their parking lot.  Tons of food and household products are set out in banana boxes.  Grab what you want, put back what you don't - repack your box and pay $8 a box. 
This was my loot from last Saturday - everything I got came out to 25 cents a piece.  It was my first time so I learned a few lessons I'll try next time but overall, I think I did pretty good.  :)
Oh, and this is my new favorite pictures of my Kay.  It's very her - sucking those fingers and clutching her beloved lovie.  

I'm so thankful my girls have cousins who live in town.  I love seeing them enjoy each other and become good buddies.  I thought it was funny I captured a picture of the two younger sucking their fingers and the two older ones sucking their thumbs.  :)

Ri, to my surprise and delight, ran the bases correctly and pretended to hit a ball.  I've heard there's a three year old t-ball program in town.  I think I may look into it.  
We have been spending A LOT more time outside - especially going on walks - and we may or may not break out in a sprint every now and then.

It just wouldn't be right to not cuddle in fuzzy, footie pjs now would it?  

Sisters.  I love that they will have each other growing up.  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ri is THREE!

I know I'm a bit late posting but last week was busy.  Ri's birthday was September 25th (last Tuesday) and Septtro's was September 28th (last Friday).    

I think this might have been the first birthday that I wasn't sad...sad that time was going too fast.  Instead of dwelling on how quickly she's growing up, I actually enjoyed what a fun, little girl she's becoming.

We went to the park and played with her cousins per her request.

snack time at the park - only time they were still
 On her actual birthday, we let her choose what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Which included: monkey bread, McDonalds, and Chick fil a.  I got her a cupcake and she blew out her candles after eating dinner.
birthday breakfast, lunch, dinner

Of course, she had to have a Buzz-themed cake.

just look at how big she is!

my birthday girl

We had a party for her this past Saturday.  She got a lot of Toy Story themed toys and a big girl bike!  Now we just have to get her a helmet....and maybe a mouth guard so we don't lose any more teeth! :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Curly or Straight?

Ri has always had curly hair (well, after she went bald and it grew back in as a baby).  And everyone always says how pretty it is.  I do love it.  I just don't care for how much time it takes for me to take care of it.  :)  But I'll only be doing it for her for a few more years anyway right?  

So the other day I decided to try to straighten it with my flat iron.  And she looked like a completely different child!

I think she's beautiful either way, though.  :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

My Little Tooth Fairy

Monday afternoon, I noticed a bump on Ri's gum above her front tooth.  I only noticed it when she smiled.  I didn't think much of it but called the dentist and made an appointment for the next morning.  But by the next morning, it was gone.  I almost canceled but they said to come in anyway.
Left - Monday afternoon: Right - Tuesday morning
Ri is our clumsy child.  She falls often and doesn't have very good balance (now I'm going to look into getting her involved in something that will help her because she's developed a habit of falling the wrong way).  Somehow, she always smacks her face.  She's had multiple instances of trauma where her teeth were bleeding. **I can remember when she was a year old and her and her cousin (who is about 4 months younger than her) were toddling out to the back screened porch and Brynn kinda rolled out but Ri sorta fell out - probably onto her face.  This was my first realization her balance and such wasn't all that great**

So when we got to the dentist, I showed them the picture I took the day before.  Then they wanted to do x-rays.  The dentist came back shortly after and said the tooth would need to come out.

Say what??!  This was a complete shock to me!  I had even made plans with a friend after the appointment.  I thought everything was fine now.

Apparently, the "bump" on her gum was an abscess.  It did go away but they said it'd eventually come back and that it meant there was an infection.  And infections are dangerous (which I did know).  I guess this isn't all that uncommon either and it was, indeed, due to her falling and hurting her teeth so much.  Her right cheek was also a bit swollen already.

I snapped this before she went back - her last picture with both front teeth! 
Once I got over the shock that she would have to lose her tooth, I asked how they'd do it.  They said they would wrap her in a blanket and she would be awake.  I could feel tears welling up.  I was so scared for my little girl.  I didn't want her to be afraid and confused about what they were going to do to her.

They did give us the option of coming back the next morning and they would give her a drug that would basically give her amnesia but she'd still technically be awake.  Thankfully, Septtro was able to leave work and meet me there.  He made the decision to go ahead and do it then (besides waiting would have been more worrisome for me and it was more dangerous to wait since it was infected).

We were told we could both go back with her. They'd give her laughing gas to help calm her down and then a numbing gel and then the shot of numbing medicine - and she'd be watching tv.  The girl doing it said they may not have to restrain her if she laid there for her.

Both Septtro and I went back with her but as soon as I laid her down and saw the "restraining blanket" and board they had, I could feel myself starting to get upset.  I knew if I got upset in front of her that it'd make it worse so I told her I was going to go check on Kaylee and that Daddy would stay with her.

When I left the room, I told another dental hygienist I wanted to go somewhere where I couldn't hear her cry if she cried or screamed.  I ended up staying out there with them.  It was distracting, which was good, and they were SO nice - coming up to me and hugging me and encouraging  me.  I did feel like such a weenie.  But most of them were moms and I think they understood how much moms don't want their children to feel scared or pain.

It only took about 20 minutes and they were done.  They said she did great!  Hallelujah! They didn't have to restrain her.  Praise Jesus!  Although Septtro did say she got upset when the dental assistant blocked her view of the tv and of Daddy when she was putting the medicine in her gum and she had a hard time calming down after that. But, no restraining!!
she did great keeping her "band aid" on
 Of course, we got ice cream afterwards.  There was very minimal bleeding, which was great.

 She went back to playing almost as soon as we got home.  I actually had to slow her down a bit.  She never once acted like she was in pain, although I did keep Tylenol in her for the rest of the day, just in case.

I'm still getting used to her new smile and I still get sad when I think about what happened - especially because it was such a shock.  I have nightmares about losing my teeth so it's gonna take some getting used to.

I know it's just cosmetic.  But it still makes me sad she had to have it removed prematurely.  She could get a fake one but she couldn't eat with it in...and I think it'd be more for me than her.  Honestly, I don't think she has the slightest clue that her missing a tooth is a big deal; much less how serious the situation could have been if we didn't get rid of the infected tooth.
She earned those stickers!

I'm so thankful to the Lord that she's ok - that we caught it when we did and that she didn't appear to be in any pain at all...before or after.   

poor tooth - in a coffin
They said the other tooth could become infected in the future because usually when kids fall, they hit more than just one tooth so we'll have to keep an eye on that one.  

Maybe we should get her a helmet....or a mouth guard.  :)