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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

14 weeks!

Ok so I don't really know if this is my first week in my second trimester or my second. I've read so many different things. Anyway, here's what's happenin:

Week and day: 14 weeks 0 day (confirmed as of last Wednesday!)

Belly Button in or out: still hangin in there but the top part is already starting to try to pop out

Wedding rings on or off: on

Food cravings: spaghetti sauce, most breads

Food aversions: some types of chicken by itself (must be mixed in with something)

Nausea: this is getting better although I had a pretty rough morning with it yesterday

Energy level: still takin naps as much as possible - can't wait for that second trimester energy boost I keep hearing about

Weight gain: yeah about 10 pounds...I know, kinda a lot for my first trimester but hey, I'm carryin half a Samoan!

Mood: I can cry very easily for sure and still kind of feel like I might be trying to hold some excitement back

Maternity clothes: Been wearing just one pair with the big elastic band - very comfy! The other pants are still gettin the hair tie trick but that is already starting to feel uncomfortable

Size of baby: lemon

Changes of baby: baby can make facial expressions and even suck their thumb, baby has fingerprints, skeletal and organ development is complete and progressing every day

Next appointment: April 22nd - to hear the ultrasound

Other: my nose is getting more and more stuffy - I probably sound like I have a cold sometimes; still burp a lot and can feel my heart beating faster, especially after I lie down after being up and about


Beth Monty said...

great stats! dont worry about the weight thing. everyone is different when it comes to how and when they gain weight during pregnancy. you may find that you will gain and then slack off for awhile and then gain again. i know several women who gained more in their first trimesters than they did in their second. and like you said a samoan!!!

Sara said...

again, i love this layout! i'm SO sick of my stuffy nose... ready for it to CLEEEAAR!!

i can't wait to meet your little cauca-moan :)

Karen said...

love the new look of the blog and seeing your 'stats'!