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Monday, July 30, 2012

Moody Sisters Review and Coupon Code for Facebook Fans!

I've recently discovered a new shop on Etsy I REALLY like - Moody Sisters!

Who doesn't want to use products that are chemical-free if possible??  From their shop page:
Free of chemicals and preservatives, these are not only 100% organic and environmentally “green”, but vegan products as well! Products are made fresh and shipped weekly.
 I was able to get a sample of their Vanilla Orange Delight Body Oil.  

First, it smells AMAZING!  I've never been one to like perfumes or most scents of any kind.  But this is a great, fresh scent!

Secondly, it lasts a while! A little definitely goes a long way!

Lastly, there are several different uses.  It's great after showering, as an after shave, for a fresh way to tame those fly-aways in your hair, or just as an alternative to lotion! 

Like coupons? Me too!!  :) Anyone who becomes a Facebook fan can use the code IMAFAN10 for10% off your entire purchase.  
Also, be sure to sign up for their monthly coupon email!


 **job opportunity alert**

The Moody Sisters are currently looking for sales reps across the U.S.  If you're interested and would like more details, please contact them at!  

They have a lot of other great products such as bug spray, baby balm for diaper rash, dry shampoo, lip balm and more!

Check them out on:

Give them a try - I don't think you'll be disappointed!  

Kaylee Turns One!!

I little over a year ago, Kaylee Aveolela joined our family.  

And just in case you didn't know - or remember - she was my vbac baby!  While the day didn't go quite as planned, the experience was extremely healing for me.  

We had a fairly low-key day planned.  Her actual birthday landed on a Saturday (thanks to Leap Year) so that worked out nicely.  

She's walking everywhere now, bringing me books, playing with her sister, and feeding herself (she loves table food and is only nursing about 1-3 times a day...but usually just once, maybe twice.  And I'm still trying not to take it personally).  

She absolutely loves that tiny pink bunny (aka "lovie") she's clutching in that last picture - so much so that we need to get another so we have time to get it washed between naps and bed time!

Happy Birthday Kaylee!  You are SO loved!!

Check out some more pictures from her one year photo shoot here.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Second Toddler

I'm not sure how this happened, but now I have two toddlers!  It's like as soon as KayK turned one, she decided she wanted to walk almost everywhere!

And may I add, Septtro's family sure does have good taste in clothes don't they?  The above outfit was from her Uncle Nick and the one she's wearing when walking is from her Papa Sene - pretty impressive!!  :)

Friday, July 20, 2012


This bundle of smiles, chubby thighs, and crazy hair turns ONE!!!!  

 More pics and, most likely, a sappy post to follow.  

**BIG thanks to Kelli and Abbi for helping capture these moments!!**

Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Update

**Am I this old already?  It took me SO long to create these photo collages.  Surely there is a faster way.** (used Picasa but all pics were from my iPhone)

Septtro created quite a play area for the girls this weekend.  We already had some sand delivered to the new sand box he built. But then he added a "wash off" platform as well as a place to hold the hose and spray mist to keep cool.  Plus, now our swing set is over there.  

KayK came down with a fever Thursday evening.  My mom and I thought she felt warm Wednesday when we were at the lake.  But she was acting fine - no other symptoms.  But by Thursday evening, she was miserable and couldn't sleep.  So Septtro went out at 2am to get some Tylenol.  After that, she slept fine.  The fever lasted a couple days and I kept her home from church just to be safe.  

Friday night, Septtro and Ri had an at-home date night.  Ri is obsessed with Toy Story.  She constantly asks to watch them (we used to have them saved on our DVR but got rid of our satellite service).  He rented one from iTunes and they watched together - including popcorn.  She was pretty excited.  We also discovered Suka had a flea infestation so she got a bath and new meds.

Saturday, we stayed home all day.  We just hung out as a family.  It was quite nice.  Septtro even put up my new pulley clothesline!  I couldn't wait to hang something on the line - of course, it had to be my cloth diapers!  There's just something warm and fuzzy feeling inside when you are able to let your clothes dry in the sunshine isn't there??

Sunday, Septtro went to church and I stayed home with the girls.  When he got home, I ran some errands.  And there was plenty of cuddle time.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


I saw this plaque in a room at a local hospital Thursday (I was getting more information on a new nurse midwifery program - more on that later.  And no I'm not pregnant).

The words just made me think about my Peanut.  For one, the hospital where I went to meet with the midwife was the same one where I got blood drawn to check hormone levels and then ultimately, to be surgically separated from my baby that I never got to meet or say goodbye to.

I do still think about that baby.  I think sometimes I just push away any memories when they start to come back.  It's easier that way - to not remember.  But no matter how many kids I have, my Peanut will always be my first baby.

So if you've ever lost a baby - no matter when - this is for them, and you.