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Friday, August 7, 2009


My right ankle in particular likes to swell much so sometimes that it looks like I broke it on the outside part. But for some reason, my left ankle doesn't have too much of a problem. I had SUCH a hard time figuring out the reason for this. At first I thought it was because of the way I was sitting at work. But that didn't seem to help it much. The swelling tends to go away by Sunday and returns by Tuesday (after being at work again).

Then last night, my friend mentioned something that made A LOT of sense. She asked if I'd ever injured that ankle. I have - playing volleyball in college, I sprained it pretty badly. And the place where I sprained it is the place where it swells up the most. She said the same thing happened to her previously-injured knee when she was pregnant.


I have my next appointment on Monday so I'll ask them about it too. For now, though, I've gotten a new setup at work to help keep my feet more elevated:

My ankle already looks better than it did yesterday. I don't know how much of the day I'll be able to work like this but every little bit will help!


Anonymous said...

My right leg swells so much more than my left. I don't remember ever having hurt either of them, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything, I suppose! :) The swelling is definitely the worst part, for me, of this whole summer-pregnancy thing.

Joy said...

I haven't had any swelling yet. But my first pregnancy my feet were so swollen I could FEEL THEM JIGGLE when I walked! How gross is that?!