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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

35 weeks

Week and day: 35 weeks 1 day

Belly Button in or out: oh it's out - and I think I may have spotted a very small stretch mark

Wedding rings on or off: fingers are way to swollen to wear them - but I did get them redipped so they look bright and shiny for when I can finally put them back on

Food cravings: tomato and cheese sandwich, chocolate

Food aversions: none!

Nausea: not much

Energy level: get exhausted a lot easier now

Weight gain: I asked the nurse at my appointment on Monday what my total was and she said 33 pounds and said that was just fine...however, that's based on my first real appointment when I was already 13 weeks so I think it's more than that but we'll keep that to ourselves. :)

Mood: starting to feel anxious about how the whole labor will play out - especially because Septtro has started up with coaching football again...and I feel like I'm so behind in getting things ready for Ladybug. Three of my friends (two first time moms) have now given birth around 37, yeah, that kicked me in a bit of a higher gear these past few days. :)

Maternity clothes: some I can't wear anymore but I have enough to get me through the remainder of the pregnancy

Size of baby: honeydew melon (why must they always compare my Ladybug to food?) :)

Changes of baby: kidneys are fully developed, Ladybug is mostly developed - just packin on the pounds now, may be around 5 pounds and 18 inches long

Next appointment: Monday August 31st - going every week my appointment this past Monday, she said Ladybug was still head down but slightly to the right - that I was all baby (which most people have continued to comment on) - and I was measuring right on track

Other: I would have to say the worst part so far about my pregnancy has been the swelling. Don't get me wrong, I know it could be MUCH worse. I honestly feel I've had a fairly easy pregnancy considering all of the different things most women go through. But the swelling - my right side especially (feet and hands) - oh my. When I go for walks at night, I have to keep my hands at heart-level or else they'll itch and swell even more. I would think perhaps some of my neighbors may think I'm havin church walkin down the street sometimes. Haha. And my feet...they're like sausages. But it's all temporary - and WELL worth it!

**Doc said this is normal - my blood pressure is fine and I'm probably swelling more on my right side because of how Ladybug is positioned**

Sorry, no picture this week....only cause I keep forgetting...I'll try to post one soon!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to give you two bits of encouragement:

in case I'm one of the three you're talking about who delivered around 37 weeks, I said all along that I thought they were two weeks off on my week count. So I was ALMOST at 40 weeks according to my own count. So don't stress.

AND I had an appointment today where they checked my weight for the first time since Iva got here. I'm down over 40 lbs. already. Water weight from swelling goes away quickly apparently. I was up to 193 at my last appt. I was at 152 today!! So tough it out for a couple more weeks with the sausage feet, and it'll all disappear easily when Ladybug gets here!!

Joy said...

They compare baby to food because they're so yummy! ;-)

I had to take off my wedding ring yesterday. Such a bummer!