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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

32 weeks

Week and day: 32 weeks 0 days

Belly Button in or out: I think it's finally stopped going out more :)

Wedding rings on or off: off - and gonna see if I can get them redipped while I'm not wearing them

Food cravings: cucumber and tomato salad

Food aversions: none!

Nausea: not much

Energy level: naps are makin a comeback but not every day

Weight gain: I don't really know - last appointment had gained a pound in two weeks

Mood: starting to realize Ladybug will be here in about 2 months - reality check!! But I can't wait!!

Maternity clothes: got a few more so I think I should be good till she arrives

Size of baby: only thing I could find is large jicama - whatever that is

Changes of baby: has toenails, fingernails, and hair (maybe), skin is no longer see-through, weighs nearly 4 pounds and is around 18 inches long (although I keep reading varying measurements), baby is in fetal position and will soon settle into head-down position(hopefully)

Next appointment: Monday August 10th at 3:15

Other: I can't wait for my first baby shower this Saturday!

Here is a pic from when I was 31 weeks and 5 days. I almost didn't post it because, well, I'll be honest - I'm still very self-conscious about the size of my belly considering all of the rude comments I've gotten throughout my pregnancy. But I'm measuring right on schedule and everything is lookin good so I'm just tryin to remind myself that all women carry differently.


Sara said...

i'd like to have a word with those people and they're rude comments... unbelievable. you look beautiful.

it won't be long, susan!! i can't wait to meet your little beauty!

Anonymous said...

Only TWO MORE MONTHS?! Really!! It seems like everybody else's pregnancies always go faster than your own! YOURS has FLOWN by -- from my perspective!! :-D

It's been so fun going through this process with you and Sara and my sister and sister-in-law! So many pregnant people around me to compare stories with! :)

And please don't let yourself feel self-conscious just because of peoples' comments! If you feel good and your baby is healthy, that is _all_ that matters!! Just listen to your hubby. His opinion is the only one that matters! :)

Joy said...

I found one site that said baby is the size of SQUASH at 32 weeks!

You look gorgeous! Forget all the rudeness and just know that you're making the most beautiful little baby in the world.

Jess said...

I THINK YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!! Those who said rude things to you are nuts...your baby belly is adorable! You only cary THIS baby once, so enjoy every moment of it!

Andrea said...

You look great!! I'm really surprised that people have said rude things to you. Don't listen to them!

I wish I was craving healthy food like cucumbers and tomatoes. lol

I hope you have fun at your shower this Saturday! You'll have to post pictures and tell us all about it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Susan, you look great! Trust me, I understand about the rude comments. As you just saw... I definitely had a nice round belly and every stranger made sure to comment.:) Cannot wait to meet ladybug and give her a shower!!!!

Dominique said...

You look healthy and great. Some people can be idiots so just ignore them. I had one guy ask me if I was carrying twins! I know he just said that for the shock value. Congrats on your baby girl. You are getting close :)

The Kauffmans said...

Girl - I'll be slappin those people with their rude comments! You look great. It's been fun that you are about 9 weeks ahead of me in this process...I get a sneak peak at what's next for me. :)
I guess Lady Bug can add another possible suitor to her growing list. If the options on our end are low we might need to work out an arrangement. ;)
I'm bummed that I can't come to the shower but really hope we can at least hang out sometime soon. It's been a while.

Jess said...

check out my have an award!

Jacque said...

Ahhhh... why is it that people cannot help but say something about pregnant ladies bellies!!?? I'll never forget a guy asked me if I was having twins (while his eyes were bugging out of his head)when I told him I was 5 months pregnant. Apparently to him I looked huge!
You look fabulous -- enjoy the last little bit you have left.