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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pop goes the faucet

I hate my kitchen faucet. The built-in soap dispenser has never worked and the sprayer doesn't work properly either. I've been wanting a new one but couldn't fathom spending money when we didn't really NEED one.

God bless Septtro and his super Samoan-strength.

We will be getting a new kitchen faucet this afternoon. YAY!!!! :)


Andrea said...

Don't you love getting new appliances!? I've had other women joke with me about how you know you're old and boring when you get excited about things like kitchen appliances. lol A working faucet is a good investment though, it's something you use everyday! You will have to put up pictures of your new one too. :-)

Joy said...

Ooh, get a pretty brushed metal one! Those are my fave!!!