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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wedding Weekend

So these are a lil late...we went to Ohio for my brother-in-law's wedding the last weekend in April (same weekend my lil nephew was born).

The groom's crew with the new addition - Kari (in white hat)! :)

The three brothers - Setnick, Stephen (groom), and the best lookin one - Septtro ;)

Stephen looking at his bride

Ok I might be a lil bias, but I think Setnick has the best voice of anybody I know.

They gave each other a high five after they kissed - it was cute! :)

In memory of Falefou Sene - wish I could have met her...sounds like an incredible woman!

Septtro pointing to my baby belly that you can't really see in this picture

The new Sene family! Yay I'm not the only white girl anymore!!...but still the shortest by far!

Seriously, what kind of photographer puts a bridesmaid that already looks young on her knees?

Yeah, we're cool

Bride and groom's first dance (Stephen is about 6'6 so, yeah, their kids will be tall) :)

and brother's first dance

quite convenient that my husband has size 15-16 feet at times like this :)

Yay!!! What a fun wedding!


Joy said...

That looks like the funnest wedding ever! I love that they high-fived!!! Aren't brothers so funny when they get together? My husband also has two bros.

And yeah- yay for another white girl, LOL! Is your in-law family Polynesian?

Susan Sene said...

They are quite silly when they get together...yep - they are American Samoan. It's a lot of fun when we're all together!!