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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

21 week pic and some updates

Here's a pic - this was taken at 21 weeks and 2 days.

I'm currently 22 weeks exactly!

So the really fun news is that Septtro was finally able to feel Ladybug move for the first time! Last Thursday (May 21st), we were at my parents house and I had my hands over my tummy and thought I felt her move but wasn't sure. Septtro tried to feel but she wouldn't move again. Then, the next day at work, I was at a meeting and put my hands the same way and it was unmistakable - she was movin like crazy and it was so fun! So that night, I had Septtro try and he felt her but wasn't sure. I asked if he felt her and he said, "I don't know" and I kinda barely tapped his arm and said, "It kinda feels like this" and he said, "Yeah I felt that". I reassured him that was, indeed, her. :) But he really felt her Sunday at church before the service. His eyes just lit up and he said, "That is so cool!" I loved the fact that he was able to connect with her in that way! Since then, he's been able to feel her several other times.

Last Monday, I woke up with the weirdest feeling. It's hard to explain. I mean, I know there's a little human inside my belly. But it was like this heavy mass of something really low in my abdomen. A few days later, I didn't feel it but I felt it again Saturday. I wonder if maybe after Ladybug has been active, she burrows down to sleep for a good day or so. :)

In other, less exciting news, I'm having leg cramps during the night. I've actually had them throughout the pregnancy. They haven't been bad - it's not every night. But apparently, it's something that can happen during pregnancy.

I'm not sleeping through the night but that's ok with me. I had a scare that I might have UTI so since then, have been setting my alarm to make myself get up to use the potty. I've always had a bladder of steel but I know it's not so good to hold it all night - especially when baby girl is basically sitting right on my bladder. Speaking of, during the day yesterday I think I had to use the restroom at least 5 times in an hour. I'd be lying down and feel her move and then have to scurry off to the ladies room. :)

Oh, and the wedding rings came off on Sunday. It was already a little difficult to get them off so I went ahead and took them off before they fused with my fingers.


Hepners Blog said...

Hey! I am so glad that Sep can feel her...I LOVE that! I keep trying to get Josh to sit still long enough to feel this one, but you know how he is. Hey, I bet the heavy weight feeling are the beginning of very mild Braxton Hix contractions...that is a good thing :) Love to all!!!

Joy said...

Oh I hate the leg cramps! I haven't gotten any yet but I had them bad with my first two girls. I have a trick for getting it to stop fast- just flex your foot (instead of pointing your toes, which you naturally try to do). That should help the cramps go away!