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Friday, May 15, 2009

20 weeks!

Week and day: 20 weeks 3 days

Belly Button in or out: I pretty much am buttonless now

Wedding rings on or off: on but it takes some wigglin to get them off

Food cravings: chocolate milkshakes or chocolate ice cream in general

Food aversions: nothing much

Nausea: haven't gotten sick in a month!

Energy level: I am so anxious to get the nursery started - already took a HUGE load of stuff to Miracle Hill to clear out some space

Weight gain: total I think is 17 pounds...most of it at the beginning

Mood: I can cry over almost anything

Maternity clothes: gradually acquiring more as hand-me-downs or at Goodwill or Miracle Hill (and I must say, the selection at Miracle Hill was fabulous)

Size of baby: banana

Changes of baby: practicing breathing and swallowing more and more, skin forming different layers, head becoming more proportional to rest of body, sleep patterns similar to newborn

Next appointment: June 9th - measurements and hear heartbeat

Other: shortness of breath, nasal stuffiness increasing - the BEST part right now is feeling her move...I LOVE it - there's nothing like it! I'm noticing her moving around the same time every day - early morning, mid-afternoon, and evening


Joy said...

She's already got a little routine! So sweeeeeeet! I can't wait to hear baby's name, if you're sharing.

Sounds like a perfect pregnancy going on!

Sara said...

i can't believe you're already 20 weeks!!

i need to come take a look at miracle hill's selection, too :) some of my maternity clothes aren't even fitting... of course i'm a dope and dried some in the dryer when i shouldn't have...

sounds like you two are chugging right along!

Anonymous said...

yea!! now you can really start getting things set up. I'm sure the 2nd half is going to FLY by even faster than the 1st so enjoy! Keep the updates coming so we can hear all about her!