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Thursday, May 21, 2009

To cloth or not to cloth - THAT is certainly the question

So...yes, I am one of those people. Call me crazy, a tree-hugger, out of my mind - I've already heard it and barely told many people. My husband and I want to use cloth diapers for our baby.

Let me tell you pretty much the ONLY reason why I even considered cloth diapering is because of the cost savings. Let's face it - I'm pretty tight with my money. I get natural highs when I save money at the grocery store and refuse to buy something without a coupon if I know I have one. Whenever we eat out, I even try to use a coupon (we don't really eat out much).

After doing research on the Internet and talking to a few people who have used cloth diapers recently, I realized there are SO many different ways to go. You can buy the luxurious cloth diapers, the one-size-fits-all (but does it really?), the old-fashioned diapers; you can have a service come collect them and wash them for you or do it yourself. And then there's all the different ways to wash them. What I have realized is that cloth diapering is not like it was when my mom had babies. It's definitely evolved and I haven't talked to someone who does it who doesn't love it. So it can't be that bad right?

So here's the thing...I've decided to do just like my friend, Sara...if we get enough disposables at showers and such, we'll go that route. After all, if I'm only doing it for cost reasons and if I get a bunch from others, I'm saving money. Call me a chicken if you like. All I know is, I know several ladies who just had babies and I feel like the last thing I'm going to want to do when I bring my baby home is figure out a schedule/method for cloth diapering. However, I am a little bothered by the fact that disposables give a lot of babies really bad rashes and would feel bad for puttin my lil ladybug through that discomfort.

I'm not completely throwing cloth diapering out the window. If we feel we're spending too much money, we'll take another look. But for right now, well, send those disposables my way and we'll take it from there! ;)


Sara said...

yay! i appreciate the shout out :) it'll all work out... even if it ends up that our children run around with paper towels scotch-taped to their hynies!

i can't wait for when the huge questions change from whether or not to cloth diaper to where they are going to go to college...... that's a scary thought!

Terra Jones said...

Loved your post :) And the few posts I skimmed through! Congrats on the sweet girl :)

Here's a post I did back in October, before I discovered my love for Happy Heiny's ;-)

Like I said, you inspired me to re-do this and update it with some video :) So, I will let you know when that happens! :)

Jennifer Malone Rodriguez said...

i think i didn't tell you this in all of our conversations about the cloth diapering, but i used disposables for the first 3-4 months because people were giving them to us and it was easier for me as I adjusted to life with a baby around...the switch was easy, i've been completely and totally enthralled with my cloth diapers, and we've saved a TON of $$$$$ !!!! Like you, my reason for using cloth was simply for saving moo-lah...nothing to do with hugging trees.....and as Sara so eloquently put it, "it'll all work out... even if it ends up that our children run around with paper towels scotch-taped to their hynies!"

Joy said...

Fuzzi Bunz are cute- my SIL used those (USA ones, not the ones from Mexico) and loved them.

I know Walmart sells cloth diapers now (that are AIO if I remember correctly).

Shawna said...

I would defintely say anything you are going to do once the baby comes learn matter what it is! That is the best advice I got before baby, and I am so glad I learned to coupon before Emmory came, there is no way I'd be able to learn it now.

Anonymous said...

Our CG is planning a baby shower for you...we could give you a diaper only shower :)
Enjoyed this post.