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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Football is OVER!!! And other happenings

Septtro and I...together at 3:45pm on a weekday! :)

So Septtro's team lost last Friday.  It was actually a close game - back and forth. But they lost.  It's over - no more meetings, Spring practices, summer workouts, film sessions (seriously people, football has got to be the one sport that requires the most time from coaches). 

 I am a little sad for Septtro.  I know it's bittersweet for him.  He wants to be home.  But he does love football.  But he'll be coaching some of the boys this Spring for track and field and I'm sure he'll keep in touch.  Plus, who knows - maybe in 5-10 years, he'll make a coaching comeback. 

A few weeks ago, we went down to Columbia for the State Fair.  Septtro and I had been once when we were dating and we split a turkey leg and just walked around (mostly laughing at others trying to win the rigged games).  But this time, we were treated to rides and food (thanks Papa Sene and Grandebbie!).  The girls both had so much fun and seeing Ri's expression while riding rides was priceless!!

We went trick or treating on Halloween.  Ri was Cinderella and KK was pretty much the cutest lil pig you've ever laid eyes on.  They had a great time at a nearby church festival and, of course, we got a TON of candy! 

Last night, we had a camp out in our backyard.  I was nervous - and I'm not a huge fan of tent camping.  But our house was so close.  To my surprise, both girls conked out by 10.  But a bit before midnight, my face was freezing and I was concerned about the girls being out all night.  And I knew I wouldn't sleep much because I'd be so concerned and want to check on them all night.  So we took them inside.  And they went right to bed again.  We'll definitely have to try it again when it's warmer.  They loved it!  

I do love where we live, despite being a bit further from a grocery store than I'd like.  Example: a tractor cutting grass along our road = entertainment for at least a good hour - and for free!

Also, I'm pretty excited I can actually do crafts with Ri now.  Sometimes she doesn't do them quite like I'd hoped, but at least she's interested!  (this one was from Family Fun Magazine)

Happy Saturday ya'll!!!