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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Disney on Ice

We are taking Ri to her first big event soon - Disney on Ice!  My mom had mentioned it was coming to town but I wasn't quite sure she was old enough to pay attention the whole time and I didn't wanna spend the money if she wasn't ready.

But then, just yesterday, we found out if you took a few nonperishable items to a food drive, you would get free tickets (2 per family)!

So we got two tickets and my mom gave us one of hers since my dad isn't interested in coming.  :) (Kaylee will be free if we decide to take her)

I'm SO excited!!!  Apparently, they were having trouble selling tickets for this particular night because it's the day before Thanksgiving.  So that's why they did the promotion yesterday.  

The show will have characters from Cars, Toy Story, Tinkerbell, and The Little Mermaid - all of which I think she'll love (especially Toy Story since she's pretty much in love with Buzz Lightyear)

Total, we spent about $6 for all of us to go - can't beat that!  

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