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Thursday, October 11, 2012


I've tried a new facial cleansing routine - the oil cleansing method.  I like it.

The weather has been much cooler.  If this were Spring - as my mom pointed out - everybody would be in their shorts and t-shirts.  But because everybody is ready for cooler, hot tea and blanket weather, we are donning sweatshirts and jeans. 

And boots.

I went to a sidewalk sale at a local grocery store.  They do it every other Saturday in their parking lot.  Tons of food and household products are set out in banana boxes.  Grab what you want, put back what you don't - repack your box and pay $8 a box. 
This was my loot from last Saturday - everything I got came out to 25 cents a piece.  It was my first time so I learned a few lessons I'll try next time but overall, I think I did pretty good.  :)
Oh, and this is my new favorite pictures of my Kay.  It's very her - sucking those fingers and clutching her beloved lovie.  

I'm so thankful my girls have cousins who live in town.  I love seeing them enjoy each other and become good buddies.  I thought it was funny I captured a picture of the two younger sucking their fingers and the two older ones sucking their thumbs.  :)

Ri, to my surprise and delight, ran the bases correctly and pretended to hit a ball.  I've heard there's a three year old t-ball program in town.  I think I may look into it.  
We have been spending A LOT more time outside - especially going on walks - and we may or may not break out in a sprint every now and then.

It just wouldn't be right to not cuddle in fuzzy, footie pjs now would it?  

Sisters.  I love that they will have each other growing up.  

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Anonymous said...

Awww.. Love the pics of the girls! They are so darling! Tell me more about the grocery sale....I may need to go with you next time!