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Monday, May 24, 2010

Puttin things in perspective

I just read a blog about a young girl who went to be with Jesus a few days ago. She was abandoned in Serbia after her parents found out she had a heart condition. A couple from Texas adopted her.

I can't help but sit here in a puddle of tears and gratitude. My sweet baby is sleeping soundly in the next room, not in a hospital bed. Our days are spent reading and playing, not fighting to overcome illness.

Now experiencing the incredible love of a mother, my heart aches for mommies who see their children in pain, struggling to live, and even watch as they take their last breath.

Thankful doesn't quite sum up how I feel right now. And hopefully, in those moments I find myself ready to complain, I'll remember little girls like Chrissie. 

1 comment:

Randal, Erin & our 5 sweet Girlies said...

Thanks for the sweet reminder to cherish & treasure our little ones! We have been so amazingly blessed!