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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tummy Time

This is the third time I've found her flipped over onto her tummy. I suppose sleeping this way would help her thumb stay in her mouth better.  :) 

I'll be curious to see if she continues to sleep on her tummy regularly.


Joelle Turner said...

Once my girls could roll over they started sleeping on their belly... and still do to this day. I wonder what Ri will do. Love that pic of her with her thumb. So sweet.

The Kauffmans said...

Z has just started sleeping on his right side...he rolls right to it the second we lay him down. :)
Can't say I blame Rilynn tho - I always have to lay on my tummy first to fall asleep.

Lorren said...

I loved when Savannah started sleeping on her tummy- she slept so much better! We went through a stage of 3 hour naps! It was great! She is an adorable little sleeper.

Andrea said...

So sweet! Evan started flipping over onto his tummy as soon as he could. Now he almost always sleeps on his tummy. I've noticed lately he's also sleeping on his side quite a bit too.

Does Rilynn ever use a pacifier or is she a thumb baby? When Evan is tired he takes a pacifier, but if one isn't available his fingers work just fine! He actually sucks on them even when he isn't tired!