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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What I'm Learning

- having a baby is A LOT more sanctifying than I ever imagined in so many more ways than I ever imagined

- you can never have enough baby wipes in the diaper bag

- everybody has an opinion on how kids should be raised.  I need to trust in God's sovereignty and the wisdom He gives me on decisions I make for my baby

- all babies are different

- babies are confusing

- Facebook, email, and blogs can be great for sharing Ri with friends and family...but also can take precious time away from what (or I should say, who) matters most

- Not everybody is as proud of Ri for rolling over as I am

- Mommy needs time to herself at least once a week

- emotions still linger long after the newborn stage

- once babies get to the grabby stage, give them a toy or something ELSE to grab during diaper changes

- even when I'm sitting right beside Ri, it's still possible for her to fall and bump her head

- I'm not in much as I try to be

- being a stay-at-home mom isn't much like I imagined but there's nothing else I'd rather do

- ALWAYS plan for getting out of the house to take at least 10 minutes longer than expected

- I will probably cry when Ri turns a year old

- it's hard for me to feel connected at church and with God during this season of my life

- the mistakes I make as a parent are covered by God's grace

- being a parent is awesome....and there's much, much more to learn!


Anonymous said...

Amen! Amen! (except on the stay-at-home mommminess. I cannot empathize on that one, unfortunately!)

Anonymous said...

I love this Susan because everyone of them is so true. I think you are doing a phenomenal job with Ri! she is so precious and like I always say I am the best parent int he world to my sons! At least in their eyes right now I am.

Kelli said...

I could completely relate to all of the above. =) Thanks for sharing! =)