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Monday, December 29, 2008

Suka vs. Superman

Mark got Septtro a fun gift from his Miracle Hill thrift store. Suka didn't care for it much. She barked at him and "guarded" us from his evilness all week. We put him on her bed. She wasn't too thrilled with him being in her space.

We put a treat in Superman's hand to see if she'd take it. It took her about 5 minutes but she finally got it after much prodding from us. I have a video but I'm not sure how to upload it. I'll try to get it up later.


Hepners Blog said...

That is hilarious. I did not comment at first, but for the last 5 minutes, Darcie has said, "Show Me Suka Mom, show me, show me!" She keeps asking WHY? (I am assuming she means why is Suka afraid.) I tried to explain that she thought he was ugly...LOL! Love ya!

josh said...

OK, so I am leaving another comment. We have visited this site about 10 times today! Darcie keeps saying, "I want to see Susan and SUKA!" Honestly! I had to get a friend to babysit her this morning and when I went to pick her up, she said, "What is Suka?" She thought is was an English word that she had not yet learned. So, I told her the story....apparently Darcie had been trying to tell her all morning! Then at nap time she cried because she couldn't take the computer to bed with her to look at SUKA! Maybe I should print out a picture of her to take to bed! :0)

Susan Sene said...

Haha...that's great! I'll post more pictures of her in her custom-made Woodruff sweatshirt soon. It's encouraging to know that even though we live so far away now and Darcie was so young when you moved there, that she can still get to know us via Internet. :)