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Monday, December 1, 2008

Lots To Talk About...

First and foremost, Shawna finds out whether I'll be getting a niece or nephew this afternoon (her appointment was moved up from Wednesday). HOW EXCITING!!! We all think it's a girl. Shaw and I both had dreams it was a girl....the Lord has spoken.

Woodruff lost their game this past Friday. :( I feel awful for them just because of the way they lost. From the beginning of the game, they made several mistakes and couldn't recover. You can't make mistakes playing a team like that this deep in the playoffs. I barely slept Friday night and Saturday morning, I woke myself up by throwing my phone across the room. I guess I've invested myself a little more into the team than I thought. My heart still hurts for them every time I think about it. In all, though, they did have a great season - haven't been this far in playoffs in about 15 years. Hopefully, next year we'll go all the way (all the lineman will be seniors and the quarterback will be a senior).

We had a GREAT visit in Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving. It was so nice to see everybody again. We got back yesterday...boy was that a dramatic trip back. We ran into horrid traffic, had some awful acts of nature occur, the car broke down.....yeah...we left at 4:30 yesterday morning and I didn't get home until after 8:00 last night. I looked for flights before we left but didn't find any good deals - it will be a greater consideration for next time.

I'll try to post pictures of the above soon! Happy Cyber Monday! ;)

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