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Thursday, December 4, 2008

String of Pearls

I had another doctor appointment yesterday. She explained the results of my blood work and I had an ultrasound - which she explained to me as well. I had to wait FOREVER to see her which was pretty frustrating. My appointment to see her was at 3:45 and I didn't see her until almost 5:30. Yeah...and to make that wait worse, the nurse had given me my ultrasound papers to give to the doctor so, of course, I read them. And, of course, I didn't quite understand all that medical mumbo-jumbo. I read, "ultrasound shows slightly enlarged uterus (5 weeks)..." - I kept reading that line over and over and over. What does that mean? Could I be pregnant again? What else could 5 weeks mean? But I'm not having any pregnancy mind was racin!

As it turns out, I'm not pregnant. I guess the ultrasound techs just describe the size of a uterus in accordance with pregnancy weeks even if you're not pregnant. The doctor said a normal uterus is 4 weeks...don't remember the reason she gave for why mine was perhaps slightly larger.

As far as my blood work goes....I'm not insulin resistant - as some women with PCOS are, my thyroid is fine, metabolism levels normal, cholesterol good, ovaries....not so good, testosterone...not so good. :) She said my overies looked like the classic "string of pearls" - because of the cysts. She said she likes to see testosterone levels less than 35....mine were a bit over 60. My hormone levels had a PCOS flip....the number that should have been high was low and the number than should have been low was high.

Then there comes my decision to make. Initially, I figured I'd stick with Reliv for the 90 days. Today is day 67. But then I guess I'm just getting impatient. I want results! I want my period back (how many women wish for that?!)!! I realized I have almost gone an entire year since my body produced a regular cycle without medication. Of course, part of the time, I was pregnant, but that's a long time! So I've thought about starting on the medication she gave me but still taking my Reliv shakes. But if I did that, I really wouldn't know how effective the Reliv truly can be for someone with PCOS - and my type of PCOS.

My doctor is very open to me doing whatever I feel most comfortable with. After thinking more about it last night and this morning, I think I may still hold off on medication until my 90 days with Reliv are up. It was explained to me - and it makes sense - that Reliv does take time. It's a natural, vitimin-enhanced food...not a chemical like medications. Reliv won't force your body to do something it's not normally doing like many medications. It helps your body begin to get back on track...naturally...and naturally takes time. So I think I'll stick with my original plan. And I will take comfort in knowing that God will not be bound by me taking or not taking "proper" medication. He is able to accomplish His will regardless. So I'm going to make the wisest decision I can with the information I have and trust Him. I am choosing to be patient with this Reliv. All in His time.


Hepners Blog said...

Girlie, my heart goes out to you. Just KNOW that in HIS time, HIS will, and HIS way things will happen!!! We love you!

Sara said...

hey! i was excited to find your blog - - you have a new follower in me :)

i think my students said she found that ornament at hallmark... i thought it was super cute, too

Anonymous said...


I know this is an old post and I'm not sure if you'll get this comment. However I really wanted to know if Reliv helped your PCOS. I was just diagnosed with PCOS, following a miscarriage/ectopic pregnancy. I just want to get healthy again and get ready for the next baby :) My doctor is putting me on low-dose Clomid as a treatment for PCOS, butI would really like to heal myself more or less naturally if possible. If you don't mind sharing, let me know how this all worked out for you. Thanks!