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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Where is Spring??

We typically have mild winters - sometimes we see some snow but it's usually not cold very long here.  But it's been unseasonably cold (across the country I believe??) and I'm SO READY for warm weather!

It has been rainy, cloudy, and/or cold the past several days.  And we are leaving for the beach this week (yay!!) so it'd be nice to have some warm weather.

I was going through pictures yesterday and realized at this time last year, I got out the pool for the girls because it was so hot!  This was exactly a year ago today (keep in mind we have well water so it's VERY cold water):

But we have been lucky the past several days to even go without a jacket outside because it's been so cold!

C'mon Spring!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

JoyBelle said...

We have snow on the ground but it started melting today. We've gotten hit with three big dumps of snow in the past month or so. It'll snow until we're under a foot of it (with a nice layer of ice underneath to boot), then it will melt... then start over again! Hoping this is the last snow, ugh.

I told Daniel they need to set our clocks back a MONTH. It seems our seasons have been off by as much the last several years.