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Friday, March 15, 2013

ER Visit and Water Fight

We made our first visit to the emergency room with a child yesterday.  While at a friend's house, Kaylee fell off a fairly high bed onto the floor.  She split her lip completely through.  And I must admit, I got a bit light headed initially.  

She actually didn't act like she was in pain or anything after I was able to calm her down and clean her off a bit.  We ate lunch - since it happened around 11:00 - while trying to decide whether I should take her somewhere to be seen.

A good friend of ours is a family doctor so I texted him a picture and he recommended she be seen since it was completely split.  He also recommended the ER in case they needed to do conscious sedation in order to stitch it up. (I did call her doctor and was told the same thing)

**Momma did not like hearing that part

I tried to convince myself maybe we didn't need to go.  But my friend helped me decide that we probably should.  So off we went.

I thought maybe the wait at the ER wouldn't be that bad.  It was a smaller hospital and it was the middle of the day so people with flu or cold symptoms would go to their regular doctor right?

Wrong.  They were SLAMMED!  And slammed full of people who had colds and flu like symptoms.  I know I'm a bit hormonal these days but it really was quite irritating to have people there for things they could have gone to a regular doctor for...cause trust me, if we could have gone elsewhere, we would have!

Anyway, after a total of 4 1/2 hours, we were done.  We were there so long, Septtro was able to come right before they stitched her up.  I was afraid I'd lose it when Kaylee got upset.  But I actually did surprisingly well - praise God!  I even watched him do the stitching.  :)  They did have to wrap her up in a "papoose" as they called it - it was a lot like a bigger swaddle blanket so she would be still.  At that point I think she was so exhausted she didn't struggle much at all.  I was thankful they didn't have to do any sedation!

thank goodness for smart phones in these situations!
She only got one stitch.  He said he could have done two but because of the location of the injury, it would have been extremely irritating and he thought just one would be fine.  Unfortunately, the stitches don't dissolve.  So I will have to take her to her doctor to get them removed.  Hopefully that won't be a big deal.  
Today has been pretty low-key.  We have been home all day and I've gotten to catch up on some housework while the girls played together.  
I wanted to give Kaylee a bath right away after leaving the hospital and I probably should have since there were so many people there with flu-type symptoms.  But we were all tired when we got home.

So the girls got a bath before nap time our bathtub.  It's like a small pool to them.

A water fight soon broke out.  The girls were cackling and laughing so much I couldn't bear to ask them to stop all the splashing.  At least not at first.  :)  

Have a fun weekend ya'll!!  ;)


JoyBelle said...

Oh poor girl! Oh I cringed when I saw the picture. Ouchie! Glad she's on the mend. I hate ERs, too. Everyone thinks they have to show up when they have a cold or flu but honestly it is (*most* of the time) best to stay home and rest! Oy!!!

Sheivon Sene said...

I am so happy that my little niece is doing better...she is such a brave baby! I think you handled the situation very well:) I would have been pretty upset in the ER with all those flu germs floating around...give my little angel a hug and kiss for me. I miss you and love you all so much!