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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ok I Confess...

We skipped church today.  This was a little hard for me.  We didn't go a couple weeks ago because I fell back asleep after feeding Kaylee and my sweet hubs let me sleep in.  Growing up, the only reason you skipped church was because you were out of town (sometimes not even then) or were running a fever or otherwise horribly sick.  So, it's sorta weird not going to church on Sunday.  So I feel like I have to confess...

We did it.  We skipped.

And it was fabulous!

We headed to Caesar's Head State Park.  On the way, we stopped at Bald Rock - Septtro and I hadn't been there since we were dating so that was quite neat to take our girls.

Bald Rock
There was plenty of exploring, rock throwing, and lizard chasing involved.

goin down to "Devil's Kitchen" at Caesar's Head
believe it or not this is the best picture we could get at this point

At lunch, we stopped at a small, non-chain restaurant (cause those are the best kind, right??) that served sandwiches, fudge, and ice cream.  We were pretty hungry by this time so food was, well, inhaled.

loved how cute the restaurant was!
Ri wanted to play in some water so we stopped off Highway 11 at a roadside waterfall.  There was a nice wading area at the bottom where the girls could splash.  The water was freezing but they didn't seem to care.

Kay fell asleep on our way and was cuddly for a short while.  A very short while - until she saw the water.  

 We really did have a great time.  But I promise, I'll be back at church next week!!  

1 comment:

Kaiser Klan said...

If you've having some awesome family bonding time, I'd say skipping church is ok! ;) Where is this beautiful place you went to?? I would love to go there for a family day!