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Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Day Today

I introduced Ri to The Sound of Music today.  We'd watched a few clips on YouTube and she seemed very intrigued.  We only got through about 45 minutes due to time constraints but she sat through the entire thing - talking and singing parts.  And, she decided a pink leotard and white dress up heels were appropriate for the occasion.  That's my girl!  
How is Ri turning into such a big girl?  How does she know how to count and sort and say words I never knew she understood??!

We were invited to our friend's house (aka small farm) :) to make homemade hand soap and homemade laundry detergent this afternoon.  It turned out great and I'm so excited to have a cheaper alternative AND know exactly what's in my products!
hand soap - has to sit a while to gel

laundry detergent
The Kaisers have a lot of animals...and one day - hopefully soon - hope to run their own farm.  I can't wait to buy fresh farm food and support local farmers!!  
Ri and her friend Graycie!
Contrary to what some may believe about me, I'm really not a huge fan of getting dirty.  My friend Chris is such a good encouragement to me to live simply and not sweat the small stuff.  Plus, she loves to save in as many ways as possible - right up my ally!!

We had a fun and busy day making memories!!
Ri loved the bunny!!  Mommy loves it too and that it sleeps at someone else's house.

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