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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Peach Pickin

Isn't summer great?  There are SO many things to do outside...and several fruits available for some pickin!

We drove about 45 minutes to this place yesterday.  Kaylee did great.  Rilynn, not so much.  I think she got a bit itchy...and she's sort of a drama queen anyway.  

Here was our afternoon...

Snagged that lil baby back pack at a thrift store - came in very handy for peach picking!

No shame - get that peach Ri Ri!

 Profile of my sweet Ri
This one looks good!

She kept tossing the peaches in the basket and bruising some.  So we told her to gently put them in the basket.  So, she did.  :)
KayK pointing to the peaches

She kept asking for more (her sign language for "more" is clapping at this point)

I'm really not a mean mommy.  She was filled with drama.  After this episode, I let her ride in the stroller and sip on some water and everything was fine again.  Sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from going crazy right??  :)

Best seat in the house!

It was pretty hot.  So I rolled us under the water hose that was watering the trees.  I thought it'd feel good and Ri would like it.  Guess I was wrong.

Just in case you can't see how much Ri wasn't pleased with our trip under the water hose, here's a close-up

Ri really wasn't miserable the whole time.  When we got in the car, I asked if she had fun and she said yes.  :)  

Septtro made two pies and a cobbler today and we STILL have leftover peaches!  And my kitchen smells delicious!!!

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(My eldest can be, well, very dramatic as well. Must be 'the oldest' thing, LOL!)