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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Officially a Big Girl!

Tonight was a very exciting night in the Sene household!!  One of my friends gave us a toddler bed they no longer needed (thank you!!).  It's a Disney Cars bed and, at first, I wasn't sure about not having a "girly" bed.  But we were also given some princess sheets that Ri was extremely excited about.  And she couldn't stop talking about her new bed!  She kept laying down and saying "night night".  

Last week when we were at the beach, Ri slept on the floor on a sleeping bag and she's slept on a foam mattress on the floor at my parent's house for a nap.  So not being contained wasn't new to her...but having an actual bed was.

Helping Daddy put her bed together while Kaylee watches.

 looking at her princess sheets

proud big girl! (somehow she looks like she's 6 to me in this picture!)

 "night night!"

Kaylee moved to the crib.  She's always slept in a pack and play so this was a big night for her too!

My lil climber!  I think they'd sleep in the same bed if I let them. :)
So far tonight, I haven't heard a peep!  I don't know if they were that worn out from all the excitement or what.  I expected a lot of chattering.  Hopefully, they will both sleep soundly in their "new" beds!

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Kari said...

HOW FUN!!!:) :)