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Friday, June 8, 2012

Blackberry Pickin!

Today was our first day back from the beach.  And it was our first official day together as a family for the summer!!  There are blackberry bushes all around our house.  So we went out to take advantage!

Heading down the road with Daddy to hunt for our blackberries!

Daddy showing Ri how to look for the ripe berries

She kept picking the red ones - quickly realizing they didn't taste as good

testing out a few before saving some for later

It didn't take long before her shirt had to go.  Blackberries make not so fun stains.  I love that she's still young enough to do this.  :)

Taking a quick break

Running to show me her findings!

Showing me the berries she found.  Notice her hands are stained  :)

Kay playing in the road.  
Don't worry, I was right there.  And we live on a pretty slow street.  :)

She likes to play in the dirt

One day, very soon, I'm gonna miss this view

And this one too

Having a grand time!

Blackberry-stained face and a seed stuck in her teeth - you know she had a great time!

We didn't quite have enough blackberries for a blackberry pie.  But Septtro mixed in apple and peaches and it made quite the yummy cobbler!!

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