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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sicky Icky

This is how Ri rode home from TN most of the trip yesterday.  She got sick at the house (at about 10:45am) before we left and by 2:00 that afternoon, had gotten sick a total of 4 times...each time was less and less, of course.  She wouldn't suck her thumb or drink anything or even crack a smile as hard as I tried to make her laugh.  But she did, very wearily, blow me a kiss.  :)  I held her hand, rubbed her head, and made sure the plastic bag was ready as soon as I heard a cough.

By the time we were about 20 minutes from home, Ri was drinking her sippy, chattering away, and smiling again.  I have NO idea what caused her to get sick but I am incredibly thankful to God that since we got home yesterday, she has been perfectly fine!  Praise God for His goodness!


Anonymous said...

Oh, isn't it the most pitiful thing? Iva's been throw-up sick once before and she was only sick twice, but both times, she had this PITIFUL look on her face like, "Mommy, what is happening?" Ugh! I hated that!!

Kelli said...

We love Ri! =)