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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I love Shutterfly!!!

So Shutterfly is now doing a promotion for bloggers - if you blog, you should do it! They have ALL kinds of designs you can choose from so there's for sure one that will fit your style. One of my favorites is the timeline card. You can put pictures as well as information about what happened with your family in the past year. They also have a folded 5x7 card that is similar to the timeline card but you can add a bit more information. They also offer some cards that part of the proceeds will be donated to organizations such as LiveStrong and The American Lung Association. So you can send out your yearly Christmas card and also make a contribution to a charitable cause!

I'm already imagining all of the creative things I will be able to do this year with my Christmas card! I've made photo books with Shutterfly and they always do an excellent job!! I'm excited to make my Christmas cards with Shutterfly this year! Check out their choices for photo Christmas cards here and holiday cards here. Shutterfly can even take care of helping address and mail your cards directly to your family and friends! You know it's a lot easier to type out all those address than write them. :) And don't forget about their other products they offer such as invitations - for just about any occasion you can think of! Take a look here.

Ok well I gotta get goin on creating my card. I don't really wanna wait until the second week of December like we did last year.

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