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Friday, July 24, 2009


I had an appointment this morning. I asked the doctor about my "borderline GD" diagnosis. He went to look at the numbers and came back and said, "Well you were only borderline on one of your numbers so I'd say you passed and you're fine".

Well good grief!

So I told him about how I was basically cutting back on sweets and carbs and such anyway and he said it's always good to eat healthy but there was no reason for me to adhere to a strict diabetic-type diet.

And that was that...all that confusion for the past week and now I actually got to speak to a doctor (instead of a nurse) and was told everything is fine - that I wasn't even considered borderline.

I will say, all this concern over whether or not I have GD, I have come to actually enjoy cutting out all the yucky stuff and eating more healthy. It makes me feel better mentally and physically anyway! So I will still occasionally indulge in my Java Chip Starbucks ice cream and may have some Chick Fil A waffle fries every once and a while...but those will be considered treats. Hopefully, I can keep up this mentality even after Ladybug is born so I can lose that baby weight quicker!

In other news, the appointment went well. Ladybug's heartbeat was in the 150s and I'm measuring just half a week ahead (but I keep wondering how accurate that first ultrasound measurement is anyway in regards to how many weeks you ACTUALLY are - I'd say it's pretty hard to know for sure).

Ladybug is due exactly TWO months from now! I can't believe it!!! I'm SO ready to meet my lil bug-a-boo!


Sara said...

I'm ready to meet her too!! I'm so glad you're not "borderline" anymore haha -- we need to share some Chickfila waffle fries again very soon. At OUR Chickfila :)

Hurry, hurry, sweet Ladybug!

Andrea said...

When is your exact EDD? You should put a ticker up on your blog!! I'm glad your doctor isn't concerned about your sugar levels, that's great! It's also good to eat healthy, but remember that carbs are good in moderation. My dietician wants me to have a minimum of 30 with my 2 main meals because it isn't good to consistently eat less than that for meals...that's how I lost so much weight for awhile there!

ugg, I sound bossy! lol

I notice you have a link to Reliv on your blog, I have a friend whose mom sells it and I actually considered doing that for awhile. I'm glad it has helped you out!! My friend's mom had chronic fatigue syndrome and she has never had a problem with it since doing Reliv.

The Kauffmans said...

I am officially jealous of the fact that you get to meet your baby in 2 months....I have to wait 4. ;) Glad things are going well. I need to get back into eating healthy too...I feel like I've been slack lately. Hope we can see you guys sometime soon!

Joy said...

Oh my goodness! Two months are going to fly by!!!

The most accurate time to measure baby is actually early on when they're small enough to measure. As they get larger it is more difficult to get accurate measurements and sonograms can be off by 1-3 lbs either way! Measuring fundal height is not an accurate tool to measure how big baby is either. Just measuring to make sure your uterus is still growing.

Phew- Pregnancy Physiology 101 right there for ya!

Jess said...

I'm glad you don't have GD but sorry you had to go through with all the confusion. I have been eating very healthy for the last two weeks, and I love it! I look good and I feel great!