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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Long, Lost Volleyball

I miss playing volleyball. I really have been out of it for almost a year since I was preggers with Peanut last summer. After college, I was introduced to the volleyball world here in Greenville and would play just about year-round. I've come to love outdoor grass tournaments more than playing indoor.

Here's my first outdoor tournament. It was in September 2005 at the Labor Day Festival in Simpsonville. My partner, Joe, and I were definitely underdogs but made it to the finals...and lost. We were SO close! The prize for first place was money...quite a bit if I remember correctly. I walked away with no cash but did come away being proud I made it that far. Several times I thought I would pass out from the heat...wasn't used to playing outdoors. Thus began my obsession with outdoor tournaments.

This was a tournament in Charlotte. Katie and I quickly became doubles partners and did very well. We won first place in this tournament...might be hard to see but we're holdin our cash monies in the second picture. :)

This was at one of the big tournaments in Columbia - they're the most fun.

I know my form is horrible here but I like how high I actually got...not too shabby for 5'3 huh? :) I wasn't really taught a whole lot about volleyball. In fact, I played baseball/softball most of my life - walked on to my college volleyball team after my friend told me they needed more players. My freshman year in college, my coach taught me how to pass - I credit him for that. But then he left and we got a coach who had no experience and was very young and I had no further actual coaching.

This was at the Labor Day Festival tournament in 2007 - 2 years after my first debut...we won this one too :)

I even got Septtro interested and he started playing....this picture makes me so proud! :) We've played in a few coed tournaments together before but had to stop...the two of us on the same team wasn't working out so well. He's gotten back into playing indoor on Tuesdays and would like to get back into playing outdoor again soon.

I hope in the future I'll be able to get back into playing. I know and am thankful that the reason I'm not playing now is because my Ladybug is on her way. I'd much rather have her than be playing volleyball for sure...I just miss it. :) Ladybug will definitely be exposed to volleyball...that's for sure!

1 comment:

Hope Endures said...

Thanks for the encouraging words you left on my blog. :)

Sounds like your little Ladybug will be a great volleyball player some day!!