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Monday, July 13, 2009

Update - 29 weeks

I know it's been a while...I took some time off work to get some things done around the house. Nesting has pretty much set in...Septtro wasn't too thrilled with some of my cleaning adventures. He made me wrap a t-shirt around my nose and mouth while cleaning our shower and stopped me mid-way through my deep clean of all of the windows in our house. :) But I'm thankful for his concern and for caring enough about me and Ladybug to make me take breaks. I'm almost out of the 20-week mark! It feels like I've been there the longest. Here's my stats:

Week and day: 29 weeks 0 days - into my third and final trimester!

Belly Button in or out: I feel like it gets poked out more and more :)

Wedding rings on or off: off until Ladybug is here for sure - hot weather = swollen fingers

Food cravings: peanut butter, still yellow squash and macaroni and cheese, Claussen pickles!

Food aversions: none!

Nausea: it's starting to barely make appearances every now and then - especially if I wait too long to eat lunch

Energy level: naps are makin a comeback

Weight gain: I only gained 4 pounds at my last appointment so that's right on is right around 30

Mood: been a little moody lately...I think partly because this time last year I was pregnant with my Peanut. This past weekend was a year ago when I had complications and went to the ER. August 18th was the day we found out our Peanut was gone. So, already being emotional because of hormones, I think these next few weeks will be a bit difficult. Not that that means I'm any less grateful for my Ladybug. Just that there will always be a void for my Peanut.

Maternity clothes: I'm actually starting to outgrow some of the clothes I've been able to wear for the past few months. Mostly, I think, because I just got some bigger sizes so they're not really meant for a pregnant belly.

Size of baby: butternut squash

Changes of baby: weighs about two and a half pounds and 15 inches long, her brain can control her breathing and body temperature, sucking ability has been perfected, if she were to be born now she'd have a 9 in 10 chance of survival (although I'd much rather her stay and grow to full-term!)

Next appointment: July 24th at 9:15AM - just check-up. At my last appointment, she said Ladybug was head down! But I know she still has room and time to move all over...I'm just hopin maybe she'll end up head down again in a month or so. :) I start going to appointments every two weeks now.
**Yesterday afternoon, the nurse called. I didn't wanna hear from them (cause that would mean my glucose was "normal" - even though supposedly that 1st test isn't all that accurate anyway). She said they like for the numbers to be below 139 and mine was 146 so I have to go in Thursday for the 3-hour fast test. I know a lot of women who've had to do the second test and it's come back all normal so I'm hoping that will be the same for me. But I know even if I do have gestational diabetes, it can be controlled and my Ladybug will be just fine. It's just something else for me to remember to trust God in.

Other: I wish I had time to just sit and watch Ladybug move all over. It's so fun! I felt her hiccups for the first time on July 4th.
So far, we've gotten a crib (was given to us for free!) and a stroller/car seat (from Craigslist). I'll be excited to see her room come together more. I'm still looking for a lower dresser I can use as a changing table.
I've been having some pretty bad and vivid dreams lately and I don't really like them very much.

Here's a pic from yesterday (I was technically 28 weeks and 6 days). This lil girl likes to be LOW. I've started to notice my tummy being shaped abnormally when she decides to burrow - she seems to prefer my right side.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your 2nd glucose test. I am very familiar with the disappointment of receiving the phone call you hoped not to receive. But ... you're exactly right. It's not the end of the world. And GOSH, your numbers are so close to "normal", you'll probably be just fine.

Mine was at 164 on the non-fasting test and 163 on the fasting one. I have friends whose sugar was in the 200s for the first one!! I say this not to give you false hope, because there's always a chance. But IF you do have it, it'll definitely be a control-with-diet type of situation, I would think. And, even though I was upset at my diagnosis in the beginning, it is not the end of the world. And it's actually a fun kind of a little "game" to see what you can eat to keep your sugar lower and still be satisfied!! :-D

Nikki said...

Yay! Your almost there! Hope that your glucose test comes back normal. I know about the burrowing. Both Bentley and Marseille pefer the left side of my stomach. I have the most strech marks on that side! Can't wait to meet your little ladybug! :)

Andrea said...

How is it that I've never visited your blog before now!? It's great to meet someone due so close to me. :-) I'm really hoping you pass the 3 hour test!!!

My husband gets upset when I clean too. :-) Especially the bathtub/shower. As a matter of fact, he usually does it now. We do use a stronger cleaner for that, so I don't put up a fuss. I've also noticed that Evan likes my right side and it makes my entire belly looked deformed when he's over there. lol Aren't the hiccups cute? Although I also feel bad for Evan when he gets them, sometimes he starts wiggly around while he has them. I wish I could do something to make them stop, but my midwife says it's a sign that he has a healthy nervous system.

Andrea said...

Oh yeah, I also want to add that I know how hard it is to have the anniversary of a miscarriage coming up while pregnant. The hardest part of my pregnancy was the 3 weeks or so surrounding the anniversary of my miscarriage last year. It wasn't like I was even constantly thinking about just the miscarriage, but I know that it made me extra hormonal, everything else seemed harder. I'll be thinking of you as you get closer to August 18.

Dulos said...

Yes listen to that husband! They are the only ones who have any sense in a time like this :) Mark also made me a wear a mask while I used cleaning products...that protectiveness shows that he is going to be a great Dad!