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Monday, July 27, 2009

not so sneaky after all

Ever since we got our new furniture (at least 2 years), Suka has not been allowed on the couch and she's done well not getting up there. However, in the past several months, she's decided to get on the couch while we're gone anyway. We've never actually SEEN her on the couch, but the pillows knocked on the floor and her hair on the couch as well as the warm feeling of a cuddled puppy gives her away. Now, before she gets her hello hugs when we come home, we go feel the couch and look to see if it looks like she's been up there.

She's either getting more brave or more stupid because after my Sunday afternoon nap, I walked into the living room to find her like this:

She tried to get down ever so gently but it was too late - she was caught! She actually managed to get down without misplacing either of the pillows this time which, I must say, is pretty impressive. I really do think it's pretty funny actually; although it drives Septtro absolutely crazy that she continues to get up there. :)


Anonymous said...

aw! hahaha. Even "guilty", she's got such a cute expression!

Andrea said...

Guilty! lol She sounds like our cats, they NEVER get on the kitchen counter or table...unless we're gone. We'll see things knocked off and hairs, just like y'all. The only time they kept getting up there while I was home was when I had horrible morning sickness. I would hear them jumping up and down off the counter and I'd yell at them, but they knew perfectly well that I wasn't going to go in there and get them in trouble.

Joy said...

That's hysterical! She definitely knows she's in trouble!!!

The Kauffmans said...

Haha, she looks so guilty I love it. :)

Jan said...

Awwww. . . such a sweet puppy. :)
Can't help but love her.

josh said...

Sep this is practice for that lil one you think is going to be ever so compliant. Well actually not! The little ones come out sinners but praise God for them! It is getting close we will be praying for you guys!!