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Thursday, June 11, 2009


I went at lunch to the CVS on State Park Road. They were SUPER helpful! I found out you can only use the Extra Care Bucks on more deals for Extra Care Bucks on the same card. Although, I was able to use my husband's card to get 3 more packs of Pampers (cause it's a limit of 3 packs per card). Then I used some ECB I got from yesterday's diaper deal - from my card - to buy a razor and 2 Dawn dish detergents (also used manufacture coupons for razor and soap) and only paid $0.75 for the razor and soaps! Plus, I got $4 more ECB for the razor and $1 ECB for the soaps to use later on from my card and still have $15 in ECB on my hubby's card to use later too! I'm starting to really want to figure out this CVS thing more now. :)

I haven't been all that great at figuring out the CVS thing - knowing what to buy and how to use my Extra Care Bucks. But I for sure couldn't pass this deal up! I'm tryin to get a stockpile going of disposables (see this post) whenever they're on sale. I heard about a really good one and then Shawna told me she was able to do it at her CVS so I gave it a try yesterday afternoon and it was, indeed, true!

Here it is!! I went to the CVS on Five Forks and they DID ask for the print out of the coupon so you might want to print it out and take it with you just in case (follow instructions to print out coupon). is a great resource to save money with coupons by the way.

I got Septtro a card for scenarios like this one because they only allow you 3 packs at the sale price with each card so I will use his card to get 3 more. What I'm not certain of is whether I can use Extra Care Bucks from my card to make a purchase on his card. I'm thinking not but who knows.

Has anybody else tried this deal? What all did you get? Any tips for others?

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