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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Doctor Appointment

I had my monthly appointment this morning - thanks for the prayers! :) We got to hear the heartbeat and it was amazing! She said it fluctuated between 154 and 156 beats per minute. I asked if she thought I was too big and she said absolutely not - I am right on track, measuring right at 17-18 weeks so yay!! :) And I only gained 3 pounds this time so kudos to me!

While listening to the heartbeat, you could sometimes hear this scratching type noise. It was like, "bu bum, bu bum, bu bum, eeeaaggghhrrrr". She said that was the baby moving around. I couldn't feel it but it was fun to "hear" the baby moving around. How incredible it was to hear the heartbeat...I almost asked her if she was sure that wasn't my heartbeat. :) When will this feel real?

I asked about my sleeping positions. I do start off on my left side but inevitably end up on my back - which I guess isn't good for blood flow towards the latter part of a pregnancy. She said I should be fine until around 20 weeks but then I might want to put a pillow under my hip so if I roll over, I won't be completely flat.

So we scheduled the next ultrasound - when we find out if we're having a girl or boy. We go back exactly 3 weeks from today...May 13th! She said I could come back in 3 or 4 weeks so obviously I chose 3 weeks. I'm so excited! What are your guesses? I think it's a girl for some reason and so does my mom and Septtro and most everybody at work. Although a girl I met last night said it's a boy and she's never been wrong...we shall see!!


Anonymous said...

I had two "never been wrong before" people tell me I'm having a boy the weekend before our Big Ultrasound. Broke their trends -- muahaha!!

I've actually never been right when I've guessed for people. But I'll give it a shot again anyway. (I have a 50/50 chance, no?) I guess you're having a boy. It seems like you're carrying out in front like my sister and sister-in-law did/are.

Joelle Turner said...

Hey girl! Yea for a GREAT appointment!! How wonderful! As for when this all feels "real", it didn't feel real to me until my girls were about a month old and I realized they weren't going anywhere for a while (Praise God!! They really were mine!). I think since I babysat for so long it just seemed like another job for the first little while. Even though part of me felt that way I still felt completely committed to them the second they were placed in my hands.

And gender prediction... I'm going with GIRL! I don't know why I think girl. My mind says boy, it just seems natural for the two of you, but my gut says girl. We'll see. I can't wait to find out!!

Lorren said...

Yay for hearing that sweet little heartbeat! Makes the world a little brighter, doesn't it? Ok, I'm usually 100% wrong with guessing gender, so maybe you should plan for a girl, cause I'm going to guess BOY. We'll see... 3 more weeks! I can't wait!!! And I bet you're excited too :)

Joy said...

I'm always.... wrong! I'm going to guess GIRL, too, though. Hope I break my bad record and end up right!

It won't feel real until baby is in your arms- ha ha! I'm being totally serious. At least that is how it is for me.

Anonymous said...

Yea!! Such great news - I can't wait until your appt on the 13th. I have NO idea on the gender either...I'll go with boy here just for fun. I can NOT believe you're already that far along! CONGRATS!! How are you feeling?

Sara said...

oh happy, happy day, susan! we continue to pray for you guys AND rejoice with you!

i sort of "knew" i was having a boy but everyone else thought it was girl. so if i had to wager, i'd go with what mommy says :)

however, i think the wife's tale is lower heart rates are female and higher are male -- james' has always been in the 150s too, so who really knows?

i'll tell ya who..... ;)

Sara said...

um.. i meant "wive's tale" ....