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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

16 Week pics a lil late

So today I'm officially 17 weeks - or unofficially, depending on how accurate you think the doctors can determine how far along you are.

These pictures were taken at 16 weeks and 5 days. And PLEASE, as much as I love comments, don't tell me how huge I am. Yes there really is only one baby. Maybe I'm starting to wonder what I used to look like and if I'll ever look like that again. I honestly only eat when I'm hungry - promise! And I do try to eat healthy now that I'm not feeling as sick.

Speaking of sick, I think I may have jinxed myself in my last post because I got sick two days in a row last week which has NEVER happened before. But I've been fine since then. Guess there will always be those more difficult days but that's just fine with me!

This is just normal...well maybe I'm tryin to suck it in a lil :)

But I sure can pooch it out too

Quite a difference huh? :) Maybe I should have taken one more where I was just standing there normal. Oh well.

My next appointment is tomorrow morning at 8:30AM. Please keep me in your prayers if you think about it. I'm still nervous about going and probably will always be nervous about going. Knowing who is truly in control, though, sure does bring a sense of relief.


Joelle Turner said...

Sue, you look AMAZING!! You really are glowing! And I don't think you look too big, you look pregnant, how wonderful! Enjoy the feeling and the look. Are you getting special treatment when you're out and about now that its clear your pregnant?!? I thought that was so much fun.

Joy said...

I don't think you look huge at all! You look beautifully pregnant and right on schedule! I'm short so my belly is about as big as yours and I'm three weeks behind you.

Lorren said...

Oh, Sue, you look so cute! Don't you love showing? I miss it! I love seeing belly pictures- keep posting them!