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Monday, April 6, 2009

Beautiful Weekend!

Finally, a weekend without rain! Woo hoo!! I know we need the rain but it's much more fun to be out and about on the weekend. On Saturday, my mom and Shawna came over. We went for a walk, fed the horses some carrots, grilled some steaks (and ever since I've wanted another one), and watched Fireproof (good movie!). Here's some pics:

Shawna is due April 22nd!! Yay!! I'm 14 weeks and 4 days.

I think Tillman thought the horse was a big dog - he wanted to play but the horse wasn't too pleased. He was a bully anyway. He wouldn't let us feed the other one and when he didn't get a carrot, he'd kick and bite the gate.

Tillman runnin in the field near the pond.

She kept eating the grass - weirdo.


Hepners Blog said...

LOVE the pictures...especially of your cute belly! So excited for you! Love ya! I also enjoyed seeing green SC...Oh How I miss it...but Serbia is beautiful too!

April Emery said...

love your pics ... and you tummy is so cute!

Joy said...

Hysterical dogs!

Cute belly pics! Congrats to your Shawna (is she your sister?), too!