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Friday, January 16, 2009

I admit...

Hello, my name is Susan Lynnette Sene and I am addicted to couponing.

Even after my trips to Bloom last weekend for triple coupons and saving over $30 at Publix on Tuesday, I decided we should visit Kmart for their double coupons. I had several coupons that were $1.00 and a few that were $2.00 so I decided beforehand that I would only get an item if it's free or less than $1.00. Septtro came with me and we were both so excited at our finds - although 2 of the things I wanted to get that would have been free were gone.

Take a look at what we got:

I was pretty excited about the Quaker chewy granola bars. They were marked down to $1.50 a box and I had a $1.00 of two boxes coupon (that was doubled) so they were $0.50 each! AND I had two of that same coupon so I got 4 boxes of em.

Total before coupons: $39.77
Total after coupons: $12.30

We bought 18 items so that's about 66 cents per item! PLUS, Kmart had a promotion on their cereal so since we bought 5 boxes, we got a $5 Kmart gift card. So that's really $7.30 out of pocket for all our goodies!

Another plus, I think my math skills might be improving - with all the calculating of coupon prices with sale prices.

So, yes, I admit. I'm addicted to saving money.

P.S. Please don't stare and laugh at those of us with coupon books in the stores. It's not very nice.


Chris Kauffman said...

you and Christie really need to go coupon shopping together... I think the best part of her week these days is getting the Sunday paper!

Christie Kauffman said...

Ok - thanks for making my life sound exciting Chris. Haha... it's not when I get the paper, its when I save the money at the store. ;)

karen said...

I think we are a lot alike - I get upset if accidentally leave the house without my coupon folder