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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Day Closer

My mom has been such an encouragement to me these past couple months. At the end of a lot of emails and phone conversations, she'll tell me I'm one day closer. One day closer to getting pregnant again. One day closer to meeting my baby. One day closer to being a mom. And you know what? I can't wait! :)

I have an appointment at another doctor's office a week from today. She's a doctor that has PCOS and has had a miscarriage and also has a young child. So I'm hopeful that she will be able to more adequately direct me down the right path towards a good, healthy pregnancy. Not that I blame my previous doctor for what happened. It's just they're more hands-off and let you decide whereas I'd rather someone with the experience guide me a little bit more. I'm not switching doctors at this point - just getting a second opinion on everything. I might end up switching but I'm just not sure yet.

I've started taking a vitamin shake twice a day. It's called Reliv and my mom has taken it for about 10 years. I guess there's been a lot of women with PCOS who've had success so I'm hopeful it will work for me as well. It actually helps with all kinds of health issues. I guess the biggest sign for me that it's working at this point will be if the skin on my back and shoulders starts to clear up. That seems to be a pretty consistent sign that my body isn't quite where it needs to be (while on clomid, it was clear as well as when I was on birth control). I don't like taking medicine so I really do hope taking this route will work. The doctor I'm going to see next week puts a lot of women with PCOS on Metformin and I'd rather not take that but we'll cross that bridge if and when we come to it.

Praise God for His never-ending grace and His all sufficient power over my circumstances. One day closer. I'm one day closer...


Christie Kauffman said...

Yay! ;) So seeing how we are PCOS twins, you will have to fill me in on any insightful info you hear. Hope everything goes well!

Hepners Blog said...

So glad to hear the optimism. We are praying for you guys and know that we serve a God of miracles. Love ya!!!