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Friday, October 24, 2008

Dr Appt Update

So I had my doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon. I had to wait almost an hour to see the doctor, but once I did, I realized it was worth it. She was extremely attentive and knowledgeable - willing and open to do whatever necessary to help me get pregnant again. I didn't feel rushed at all while talking to her...very nice and personable.

Basically, she further explained PCOS and told me what she would do now is get some blood work done to test my insulin levels. Apparently, my other doctor never tested for that. Sometimes women with PCOS can be insulin-resistant and this can cause health issues such as diabetes and high cholesterol down the road. She would then want to do an ultrasound to look at my ovaries herself and also check out everything else. She's a very thorough doctor and very precise and careful. Afterwards, as long as she sees what my records show (that I do have PCOS) and perhaps depending on what my blood work reveals, she would want to put me on Metformin [I knew it! :)]. She gave me several articles to read on PCOS, wants me to keep track of my basal temperature (my other doctor didn't even care to see my basal chart when I offered), and keep taking Reliv. She was very open to Reliv after I told her the success of others so that was encouraging. She said she didn't care how I got pregnant - only that I did and if Reliv helped do that, she was fine with it. I let her know I really don't like medicines but after hearing her and reading the articles, I feel Metformin might be a good option but I'm gonna try to give Reliv a chance first.

I won't see her again until December 3rd. That will be when I have an ultrasound and she'll go over the blood work results. I'll have to go to the lab for blood work in the next couple of weeks. We thought maybe I'd get to see her sooner but she's obviously very busy. That's ok with me. She pointed out some numbers on my blood work from several months ago that will hopefully change in the next few months. I'm hoping maybe my blood work I have done in a few weeks will reveal some progress after being on Reliv for a few more weeks.

All in all, it was a good visit and I feel encouraged. I'm fairly sure I'll end up switching to her as my primary doctor. I'm very thankful the Lord led me to her. I think she'll be very helpful. My weeks are still filled with good days and bad but I feel like at least physically, I'm getting myself on the right track.


Christie Kauffman said...

I'm glad that everything went well. Sounds like you found a great doctor! :)

Lorren said...

It's great to have a doctor that you feel comfortable with and who will take the time to listen to you. I'm glad you found her!