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Monday, October 20, 2008

Acrobatic Doggies

I've discovered a new setting on my camera and have been practicing with Suka and Tillman (brother's dog). Here are some of the better pictures...
It's almost like she was trying to pose for the camera instead of catching the ball.

I love this one
I love this one too - she's so happy! :)

Yeah sometimes she forgets to open her mouth.

Hahaha...I love her ears in this picture

Break it down, Suka!

Yes, she does actually catch it every now and then.

Tillman has some ups!
I really wish this picture wasn't in the shade because it would have turned out a lot better

I guess it helps he's a bit OCD - all he can think about is "ball, ball ball"

I kept mom in the picture so you can really get an idea of how high he's jumping.

They like to fight over who can get the ball first. They love each other so much! :)
Handsome lil devil isn't he?

She was being so frustratingly cute. I was trying to get her to lie down so I could get a good picture of her and she kept doing an army crawl towards me and then flipped over. So I gave up and just took the picture.


Christie Kauffman said...

Haha, cute! I can tell that Suka gets a lot more exercise than Lily. She will chase her ball...but only for like 5 minutes and then she is bored. :)

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