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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack

So I thought I'd fill everybody in on several happenings in and around the life of Susan Sene.

1. Football season has begun!!!! Septtro is in his second year coaching at Woodruff High School and he loves it. I try to go to as many games as I can. He helps coach the offensive line and does a great job. The team is currently 1-1... most recently beating 3A powerhouse, Clinton...first time in 12 years! The o-line is a group of guys that have been hangin out and playing football together since they were little kids. They're really fun. In other, more disappointing news, the Clemson Tigers have begun the season with an embarassing loss to Alabama and a non-impressive win over the Citadel. It's yet to be seen if there really is such a thing as "thunder and lightning".

Look at that Wolverine o-line!! :)

2. I had to put another house insurance claim in to our provider. About 2 months ago, a tree in our front yard was struck by lightning. It killed our heating and air unit, our television in our bedroom, and all but one of our home telephones. We paid our deductible and replaced everything - only to find our home phone line constantly buzzes. If you call, you won't hear it - but I sure will...and I'll barely hear you. Please be advised, if you call my home phone, please don't talk in a low-toned voice or I'll have to resort to just saying "uh huh" and/or "yeah" after what you say. Below is a picture of the tree - you can see how the lightning carved the bark off. Septtro was sitting on the front porch when it happened and said the hair stood up aftewards from the electricity....scary!

If you look closely, you can see where the lightning grounded itself in the mulch (bottom-middle part of picture)

3. I feel like things are finally starting to get back to normal after losing my lil Peanut. Not that I don't constantly wish I were still pregnant or remember various dates I'd already planned in my head or have occasional break-downs for no apparent reason. I just don't feel like I'm walking around most of the time with this dumbfounded look on my face; like I'm still processing everything. I feel like things are starting to be funny again; it's okay to smile and laugh; I don't always feel like people are looking at me thinking, "poor, pitiful girl" (I know nobody probably was but you know what your mind does sometimes).

Some people have already said things that have hurt - people I know and people I don't. But I know that they had no intention of it hurting. There will be times when I'm reminded again and my emotions will overwhelm me. But I am so extremely thankful for the grace God gives. Praise Him that it's never-ending! How awful would it be to be scared of His grace and goodness running out? What if I exhaust it? What if I need it too much? What if He's tired of giving it? No. It will always be there and I'm so thankful for that. Praise Him for the time He gave me with Peanut and for the mere fact we were able to get pregnant. One verse God gave me that is currently on a post-it note on my computer monitor at work: "Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer" - Romans 12:12 Wow, exactly what I need to read each and every day - praise God for his Word and the comfort it gives.

4. Suka is fine. We got the results of her surgery the Saturday after my last post. They freaked me out a little bit because we called to get the results over the phone and were told only the vet can disclose that and she'd tell us when Suka got her staples out. I figured it could only be bad news if they wouldn't tell us over the phone. But when we got into the office, the vet said she called and left a message - which we never got - and told us the growth was completely benign. Praise the Lord! That was most definitely some very great news in the midst of a very hard week. Below is a picture of her on our way to the vet the day of her sugery - it's almost like she knew where we were going. :)

5. I am currently very confused about how to proceed with getting pregnant again. My current doctor basically asked what I wanted and wrote me 3 prescriptions. I'm trying to make an appointment with another provider to get a second opinion but can't seem to talk to a real person. I want to do what's best for my health as well as the health of my future baby. Yes, I want to make a decision on what I feel is best but I'd like to have a little guidance. I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and so I feel the path I take now may need to be different than others. I will say, at least this time, I have a prescription for a medicine I can take as soon as I find out I'm pregnant again to keep my progesterone levels up. I knew from the very beginning those were low a few months ago and even asked for something to help but was told, "If something is going to happen, there's nothing we can do". Not that I'm saying I feel that's the reason Peanut isn't here. But I would just feel better the more proactive I can be.

I have so many questions...should I take Clomid again? We got pregnant right away last time so that makes me really want to. But maybe I should just let my body do it naturally. But then I'm thinking I'm not sure if it can...and if it can, how long will that take? How long should I wait? My back, neck, and face are breaking out horribly - which is what happened months ago when I wasn't ovulating due to the PCOS. But maybe my pregnancy hormones are just getting back to normal. You see? Me = confused. :) At least I have a few weeks to get a second opinion. Please pray for me to make a wise decision and for the doctors to have wisdom as well.

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David and Joelle Turner's Blog said...

I'm so glad you're back! I've missed your blog updates, you really have a way with words and are fun to read! I'm praying for you, babe, I have been! I don't know where you should head from here, I think a second opinion is a great idea!! Have you picked out a new doc yet? The one I was seeing in G'ville was great, I can find her info if you're interested. Call me anytime!