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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Septtro's birthday is coming up this month (the 28th). He mentioned he'd like some boots for camping, hunting (which he's yet to do but we'll see), and whatever else he can use them for. So, being obsessed with deals, I started looking online and was pleasantly surprised. I got him Columbia boots for $50 - size 16. That's right, size 16. It's always very hard to find his size, let alone his size at a decent price. So I was pretty proud of myself. :) They were already shipped to the house but I told him he has to wait until his birthday to wear them. I think they look pretty good.

work it, Septtro

I tried them on and his boot pretty much covered half of my lower leg.

So another present was a painting of Suka my mom asked one of her former students do. It turned out REALLY great. I really love it. It's just a little big for me to find a place for it - at least for now. So mom will be the foster owner for now. :) Thanks mom - very thoughtful of you!


David and Joelle Turner's Blog said...

The size of Septtro's is too funny! I bet those are HARD to find!! And I love the painting of Suka, what a great idea.

So, I guess Septtro doesn't check your blog??

Susan Sene said...

Um, not sure if he does or not - why you ask?